Ame-Iro Cocoa Episode 1-3 Impressions

Ame-iro CocoaHey girls, today I’m super exicted to be giving my Rainy Cocoa first impressions. It’s been three weeks since the series started and there’s finally enough material to actually craft together a blog post. Each episode is two minutes long and the friggin opening song is thirty seconds. This makes for immensely short and catchy episodes with no real plot development beyond every day slice of life comedy and small gags.

The series itself is definitely just a treat for fans of the voice actors since the cast features a ton of A list veterans with pre-established fanbases from other big shows. It is beyond me as to why there’s even a dub listed for a series as brief as this one. The main characters consist of five fairly pretty boys who spend a lot of time lounging and chatting in the café. They talk a bit about how some of them met and a bit about coffee in general. For seiyuu fangirls we do get to hear the voices of Mamoru Miyano, Hiro Shimono, Daisuke Hirakawa, Hikaru Midorikawa and Ryo Horikawa. It’s definitely something light and brief to watch as a breather between much longer and heavier series this season.

Rating: 2.5/5 happy clouds (which is a generous rating on account of the voice cast) Crop_25 Clouds Transparent

Seriously if you even stop to go to the bathroom or zone out a little, the episode is over, so pay attention LOL Was it really so difficult to extend the episodes to three minutes rather than two?

It’s clear that the series didn’t get that much of a budget for animation considering how awkwardly proportioned some of the character designs appear but because the episodes are so brief, you don’t even have time to absorb any of the art style before it cuts to an end. The series itself isn’t so big on character designs and animation as it is on the short and catchy small talk between the boys which, dare I say, is the bulk of the series. This series is definitely not for everyone but if you find a cute boy that catches your eye or you want to hear a favourite voice actor (*cough Mamoru Miyano*) derp around for a few minutes every week, you might want to check out this cute little bishie niche seris. Shonen, seinen and josei fans beware.

– Cloudy

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