Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Episode 2 Review

After Hestia finds out how much Bell has grown on his own, she resolves to support him wholeheartedly along the way and beckons him not to leave her. He of course decides to do his best with her and promises never to leave her. Bell continues to make friendly with all the females in the city on his merry adventure way and our story continues…

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

DanMachi Episode 2 (9)This episode, we see the gods and goddesses meet up in a lovely banquet. The other goddesses are SO different from our cute and childlike Hestia. We’re then introduced to the goddess of beauty, Freya; the trickster goddess, Loki and Hephaestus, the goddess of weaponry and armoury. Hestia asks Hephaestus to craft a weapon specifically for Bell. After a lot of pandering and persuading, Hephaestus agrees. I’m actually really touched that Hestia would go so far for Bell. I hope Bell, in the long run, will feel the same way about her because he seems quite superfluous and naïve at the moment

DanMachi seems to be progressing a lot like an RPG. The anime is definitely paced a lot more patient than the manga where I initially approached the story. DanMachi Episode 2 (18)I definitely think they could speed things up. Due to all the fantasy tropes and habits the series falls into, it could have cut short some of the every day scenes between Bella and Hestia to opt for more action. Luckily the fighting does pick up this episode…

The Monsterphilia is then introduced, an event that takes place in a huge stadium that pits monsters and animals against adventurers and fighters. People flock to the event and it seems to be the current dominant event in the story. Behind the scenes though, it seems like Freya is doing a bit of manipulation and Loki might even be involved… I wonder then, how Ais Wallenstein will be related to all this.

DanMachi Episode 2 (20)Seriously, Hestia doesn’t want much in life. She’s so content and bubbly and happy with her time with Bell, I’m almost upset that the series has to brew up some sort of conflict among our main characters. When a huge monster escapes the stadium, it chases after Hestia and Bell right into a labyrinth residential area. Bell decides to lock Hestia away from him so he can buy her time to escape. Episode two attempts to leave us on a cliff-hanger. Though it doesn’t quite set up that much suspense I suppose I am curious to see how Bell will deter the creature.

– Cloudy

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