Hibike! Euphonium Episode 3 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

I’m pretty happy with the fact that Hibike is really taking the music aspect slowly because I really know nothing about orchestra. In this sense, we’re learning about the band the same way the first year beginners are learning. This episode has the newbies picking out their instruments, naming some and deciding on pieces to play and learning to breathe properly into an instrument.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 3 (14)There also seems to be some tension in the band because there aren’t that many second years… what happened to the first years last year? I didn’t think that they would hint at actual in club drama. Dayum orchestra must be competitive.

While Taki-sensei is asked to conduct only when the band is good enough to play an ensemble together, the President has no choice but to ask sensei to start practicing with them. Sensei turns out to be real harsh despite his bishounen exterior. Naturally the first issue of the band itself is that none of the parts sound good individually which means none will sound good together. It’s quite amusing to see how Kumiko can actually figure out what’s wrong with the band itself, how experienced musicians can tell some have missed beats and notes, others were off.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 3 (20)We learn that apparently over half the second years quit. Some sections never practice properly and it seems like the Nationals are a far off impossibility. It seems like President Haruka has it hardest this year when it comes to the troublesome club. Thank goodness Haruka has someone like Asuka to stand up for her. I guess it’s quite upsetting overall to a lot of the first years because some are so enthusiastic about practice but other older members are getting caught up in the politics of the club itself. I definitely have to say that Hibike Euphonium is doing a really great job at balancing the slice of life with the music club theme.

Reina Kousaka is definitely my favourite character. That piece she played at the end of the episode that emotionally resonates throughout the school to our three other girls, Taki-sensei and even some other students. Somehow, the day after, everyone heads back to practice. I wonder how long it’ll take Reina or Kumiko to step up and sass out some of the lazy upper years… or if things are going to continue in this comfortable pace? Hibike is definitely doing some unexpected things this season.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 3 (22)

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