Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 3 Rant

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 3 (7)We return to UtaPri this week with the kick-off of the new cross-unit groups. Natsuki and Otoya are sent to a rock musical while Nanami is tasked with writing the main theme of the musical. Dayum Nanami sure is getting a lot of music career work despite being a total newbie. Saotome must really love her work. She definitely strengthened herself internally a lot in the first season when she stood up to the man.

OMG I love the Prince scenes between Natsuki and Otoya. The power of music triumphs over all, even kingdom wars, apparently. This is one rock musical I would definitely pay to see… especially cause the (prodigal) Director is so sassy omg. Unfortunately for Natsuki and Otoya, they definitely need lots of work with their acting roles. Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 3 (28)Idols really have it hard when it comes to being full well-rounded and talented entertainers. Honestly I feel like these roles would fit Masato and Ren a lot more…Cecil says it sounds like Tokiya and Syo HAHAHAHA and so the boys go off to enlist the help of their other members, or you know, copy their every move XDDD

Despite their efforts, both the boys are told they’ve started to overact… but our lovely heroine comes to the rescue with the power of her music. She claims to be attempting to express their charms and personality through her music. Her perseverance naturally inspires the boys to renew their efforts in acting.

EPISODE THREE INSERT SONG!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH THE POWER OF MUSIC. GOSH It’s so cheesy but I still love it cause I’m just a diehard fangirl. The guitar and the violin work beautifully together. Oh gosh getting to hear Kishou Taniyama sing again is literally music to my heart. Can’t wait to hear how the other cross units sound!! (Though I do hope they’ll still leave enough time to build and mature more of Nanami’s character as well).

– Cloudy

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