Plastic Memories Episode 4 Review

It feels really good to get back to Plastic Memories this week. It seems like Tsukasa and Isla are really warming up to each other as new housemates. Michiru on the other hand is getting more and more jealous and flustered by the episode. Seriously, what’s her deal? Awkward attraction no doubt.

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

After all the amusement park fun after last week, our characters are back to work this week with a whole bunch of new collections. Black market retrievers are springing up to illegally collect the Giftia, rivalling the official Terminal Service and causing a few problems for the police. Tsukasa and Isla have been tasked with collecting Marcia, a foster mother Giftia. Plastic Memories Episode 4 (13)The owner of this particular Giftia is a little boy named Souta, who tries to distance himself away from his Giftia just to get her away. I kind of wish they explored Souta a bit more because it must be so different being raised by a Giftia.

Strangely interjected in the middle of this episode is Isla’s flashback with her old partner and the discussion over memories being real, being fake, being forgotten, are brought up again.

Tsukasa, Isla and Marcia decide to prepare a feast for Souta in order to convince him that his memories were meaningful. Michiru and Zack join in as well. Just judging from the poster you can tell that Michiru is going to somehow be a really significant character to the series… well, once we get back her Tsundere side to build up to heartfelt moments. Michiru tells Tsukasa that once a Giftia surpasses their 81 920 hours of life, Plastic Memories Episode 4 (19)their memories and personality deteriorate in the next ten hours, leaving them to function on instinct, sometimes making them hostile to even humans. The Giftia then becomes a Wanderer.

The gang ends up surprising Souta for his birthday and the cake especially, reminds him of his memories with his parents. We chalk up another emotional win for the Terminal Service… except… the black market steps in and interferes. Another cliff-hanger this week among my series; I wonder what happens to the Giftia after the black market gets a hold of them…

– Cloudy

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