Hibike! Euphonium Episode 4 Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

As of last week, everyone in symphony is freaking out over the fact that the club might not be able to participate in the school festival. Taki-sensei steps in as a result and ends up drilling the members (especially the newbies) into training their lungs into longer and stronger breaths. I give major props for Taki-sensei’s patience with each and ever section.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 4 (5)Seems like the bass section isn’t doing too bad compared to all the other sections in the orchestra. However I did think that judging by the fact that we’re at about the fourth episode, things are still moving way too slowly and there’s barely any practice shown on screen. A lot of discussion circulates around the members concerning Taki-sensei’s hardcore practices but Kousaka seems to really like Taki-sensei and snaps angrily at Shuichi and Kumiko when she overhears their gossip.

I really don’t know why Kumiko is so fixated on Kouaka despite the awkward exchange that happened in middle school. Kumiko and Kousaka just seem like really different people and there really isn’t that much of a point getting yourself so worked up over someone you don’t know. Kumiko’s expressions and reactions are really hilarious though and it really does take her so much courage to speak her mind but somehow after her mini speech to Kousaka, she seems a bit more likable as a main character.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 4 (18)I’m also quite impressed with how the episode fast forwards through the week so quickly. The dissatisfaction towards Taki-sensei ends up being a unifying element within the members and motivates the members to improve their individual sections, personal playing and overall performance. It sounds PRETTY GOOD in the scene and Taki-sensei agrees to allow the orchestra into the SunFes. Sensei has a really strange backlashed way of giving compliments. He’s ruthless about criticism but gives appreciation and praise when it’s due. What an intriguing character… I’m so curious to hear what he said to Kousaka and I’m looking forward to seeing the students warm up to him as practice develops.

Hopefully after these slow opener episode we can pick up on the music action towards the SunFes event.

– Cloudy

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