Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Rating: 4.2/5 happy clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Christmas is quickly approaching this week and Chitoge’s currently ditched her ribbon on her shopping trip with Chitoge and Ruri. She opts to go for the class Christmas party rather than spend the holiday with her mother…

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 4 (13)Meanwhile, Raku is working his butt off at Hana’s office and his efforst seem to have impressed her. As a result, she offers him his paycheck and a nice hotel room with Chitoge. However, Raku declines and requests Hana to spend her Christmas with Chitoge due to the extra time he’s made working extra hard at the office. AWW how sweet!! It’s too thoughtful for him to do this for her, either as a friend or a pretend boyfriend, it’s going well beyond the call of duty. Raku has definitely earned my respect.

It turns out that Hana’s gotten Chitoge a present every year but she hasn’t had the opportunity to give it to her every year. How unfortunate. It seems like Hana has the same kind of nervousness that her tsundere daughter has regarding close interpersonal relationships. For smacking Chitoge’s mother, Raku’s got guts.

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 4 (21)On Christmas when Chitoge ends up at the class party and Hana is about to leave Japan in three hours, Raku decides to reunite the pair and storms off to collect Chitoge from the party. Honestly at this point I think Raku is the perfect boyfriend for her. Later, due to the bad weather, traffic is horrible and the flight ends up moved forward. Still, Raku decides to BIKE TO THE AIRPORT with Chitoge behind him. ABSOLUTELY EPIC ACTION this week in Nisekoi. For Chitoge, it’s choosing to believe or not to believe in Raku. For Hana, it’s choosing between her business and her daughter. The scene takes a turn from emotional to dramatic when Hana suddenly lands the plane to see Chitoge and the two have a lovely runion. Gosh, those two are just two big balls of dere mush. Raku is just TOO COOL in this episode. He decides to work all Christmas just so Chitoge and Hana can have Christmas dinner together.

I honestly think that Christmas night with a Chitoge and Rkau scene was the best thing ever. GOSH IM TEAM CHITOGE SO BADLY!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 4 (29)At the end of the episode, Hana affirms to Raku that he must be the boy she saw all those years ago. However Hana only remembers AFTER she leaves UGHHHH (She reveals that it was the pendent in Chitoge’s picture book AHHHH BIG REVEAL but later we see the same picture book with the girl and the ribbon, in Onodera’s room. SERIOUSLY just HOW complex can a mystery get?!??). Hana also tells Raku she knows about the fake dating… but well, she definitely suspects more than just a fake relationship there. She questions Raku’s feelings for Chitoge, leaving him quite shocked. Ending the exchange with a classic head tilt, she walks off into the terminals. Now that was REALLY an epic Christmas episode. LOVED IT!!!

– Cloudy

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