Hibike! Euphonium Episode 5 Review

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

The entire orchestra is hyping up for the Sunrise Festival at the school. Members have been practicing their breathing, ordering new outfits and practicing extra hard for the upcoming event. I have to admit that I loved seeing the adorably moe characters with their cute marching outfits. Geez, I wonder when Kousaka is going to actually warm up to Kumiko and the others.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 5 (5)I was actually quite surprised with how technical the dialogue became when the marching practice began. While I found it pretty difficult to follow, the visuals certainly helped and I would rather see the band montage through all the training and actually skip forward to the SunFes so we can see everything come together but I guess the story is more interested in the actual every day scenes of practice and the lulling pace of actual practice.

Asuka is established as the face of the band. Pretty, outgoing and quite strict with their members, she’s the natural leader that everyone wanted as President but Asuka didn’t necessarily want to be president. She’s definitely better as Haruka’s muscle yeller.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 5 (27)Kumiko and Kousaka end up walking awkwardly home together at the end of band practice. Oh gosh, Kumiko is sooo awkward. I’d like to hear some of Kousaka’s thoughts on the determined endeavours of the band to aim for nationals. Just what kind of conversation did she have with Taki-sensei? But despite Kumiko’s absolutely socially awkward conversation, Kousaka seems a lot more relaxed than she used to be in middle school and it seems like Kumiko’s made a bit of leeway between them.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 5 (24)The day of the festival is HELLA busy. Everyone on the council gets up extra early to do administrative work. The members help load instruments onto the truck and after arriving at the festival, everyone goes ahead and tunes their instruments. It’s pretty interesting to see a bit of the competition heat up with a few of the other schools. It seems that Kumiko even recognizes an old classmate at a super highly ranked band school. Azusa reveals to Kumiko that Kousaka declined Rikka High School’s to enter Kitauji. I am pretty proud of Kumiko in the moment when she realizes that she has had a new start with her high school life. It’s a small moment of quiet triumph for her.

Despite there being absolutely so many supporting characters in the Kitauji orchestra, when the time of the festival came, I found them all pretty easily recognizable due to all the extra slice of life scenes during practice at the school. Hibike Euphonium Episode 5 (26)Kitauji does wow the crowd a bit but the episode ended on a pretty anticlimactic note with some quiet closing dialogue from Kumiko. It makes me feel like the series is more fixated on emphasizing the everyday trials and tribulations of an orchestra rather than showcasing all the music and performance as it’s the ten+ hours of training backstage that demonstrate the musicians’ perseverance and hard work more than the ten minutes on a flashy stage. It’s quite an interesting theme that has happened to emerge subtly throughout the series. Can’t wait to see more of the series.

– Cloudy

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