Owari no Seraph Episode 4 and 5 Recap & Review

Episode 4 Rating: 4/5 curious cloudsCrop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Seraph of the End Episode 4 (16)It seems all too ironic that in order to fight vampires, humans enlist the help of demons, equally as dark creatures, to harness enough power for themselves.

When Yuuichirou is transferred into the Demon Moon Squad’s training classes, he ends up meeting a pretty angsty new classmate named Shihou Kimizuki. Both are just stubborn, hard-headed and WAY too power-driven due to tragic back stories. It turns out that Shihou is trying for the squad so he can move his sister to an army facility to better treat the curse that’s inflicted her. Shihou’s sentiments towards family end up breaking through to the stubborn Shihou and the both end up bonding by the end of the episode.

Seraph of the End Episode 4 (6)What I found most interesting about this episode is the back story flashbacks on Mikaela, Ferid and the vampire who turned Mikaela into a vampire, the Queen progenitor of vampires – Krul Tepes. It just seems cruel that sooner or later, Yuuchirou will have to face Mikaela and find out that his only surviving family is actually a vampire.

The vampires have decided to wage war on the Japanese Imperial Demon army and take over the world for themselves. Mikaela on his end, somehow believes that he’ll be saving Yuuichirou but the question that remains currently is, what exactly IS the Seraph of the End?

“If he doesn’t have the strength, he dies. That’s the world we live in.” – Guren Ichinose

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

In the higher ranks of the military, Guren Ichinose is placed in a pretty interesting position. He definitely doesn’t fit into the strict regulations and administrative lifestyle of the higher-ups but he’s a bit too strict to warm up to Yuuchirou and the others. Seraph of the End Episode 5 (2)In the end, Yuuchirou’s pestering seems to get through to Guren and Guren agrees to let Yuuchirou try for a demon contract. I get the feeling that despite Guren’s cold exterior, he definitely has a bit of a soft spot for Yu. Plus, he really seems like the type to stir up a bit of trouble when he can hahaha.

While Yu’s making steady strides forward, Mikaela seems to close himself off more and more from his humanity and his past. Back in the vampire complex, he visits his old little house to find out that two new little kids have moved into it. When they recoil at the sight of him, he leaves… his perspective as mysterious as ever to the audience.

Seraph of the End Episode 5 (8)Jumping immediately back to school, Yuuchirou and the other students get their assignments for Cursed Gear. Unfortunately for Yu, he scores an utter zero on the test. Shinoa is really having way too much fun with the boys. At least the competition between Yu and Shihou are good for their mutual growth… But then again, they are both quite childish.

After all the whining and complaining, Guren finally gives in a bit and unleashes the demon in his sword to test the students. Seriously Guren, you should NOT be allowed near kids LOLLL The ones still standing get to try out for the Black Demon Series of weapons, the highest of the artillery. DAYUM THOUGH Shinoa is hella strong. Guren’s even a bit annoyed at her cause the entire ordeal doesn’t faze her at all due to the fact that Shinoa is from the main line of the demon army.

Guren takes them to the stronghold housing the weapons possessed by demon kings, the Black Demon Series. Everyone picks their weapons and the test begins. If you lose… you either become a man-eating demon or the power of the demon itself will kill you. Strengthening his resolve, Yu draws his sword.

Pretty excited for the next episode. We see the test encompass the most jarring and tragic moments in each participant’s life so it’ll add more back story to our characters and showcase a lot more action. Can’t wait.

– Cloudy

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