Plastic Memories Episode 5 and 6 Review

“The more beautiful a memory, the more painful it can become… It can even become terrifying… ” – Isla

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Action heats up in episode five of Plastic Memories when Marcia gets kidnapped by the Black Market retrievers and becomes a Wanderer after exceeding her life hours as a Giftia. We find out a few things in this episode. Plastic Memories Episode 5 (14)One, we get to know Michiru a bit better regarding her back story and her horrifying experience with her adoptive Giftia father turning into a Wanderer and how horrific it can be for the child witnessing this. We also see another side of the Terminal Service, the security service that acts as the muscle for the company when things go awry in the collection process.

Things take a turn from bad to worse when the Terminal Service comes upon the Black Market hideout too late. Marcia does indeed become a Wanderer and when Souta stumbles onto the scene, she kidnaps him up to an apartment rooftop. The scene escalates when Marcia grabs hold of Souta and attempts to choke him. Plastic Memories Episode 5 (20)In this desperate moment, Tsukasa takes up his gun (loaded with what is essentially a virus bullet that will shut down the Giftia’s circuits), the same time that Isla charges at Marcia. Seriously, those two need to work on their teamwork because the cliff hanger leaves us on a REALLY suspenseful note concerning Isla’s state after the fight…which makes me grateful I watched both episodes in one sitting.

Episode 6 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

The start of the episode almost tricks you into thinking Isla’s back at the office but it’s really a flashback to the days when Isla and Kazuki were partners. Isla wasn’t able to go with Kazuki to retrieve Michiru’s father. As a result, Kazuki heavily injured her leg and had it amputated. After the incident, Kazuki breaks up her partnership with Isla, leaving the Giftia feeling immensely guilty over the entire ordeal.

Plastic Memories Episode 6 (5)When Isla wakes up for real back at the office and the entire case has come to a close with the black market guys rounded up with the help of the R. Security. While I am a bit upset that we completely skipped over the heavy action to tell the story in retrospect, the focus of the narrative isn’t so much on the action moment where Tsukasa shoots Marcia, but the emotional aftermath of it and the consequences of the Marcia case on their partnership. Still, while Isla seems like a pretty troublesome person to work with, she means well and she’s so kind. She desperately wants to help but she just physically isn’t capable.

Seems like back in the office too, most of the co-workers have gone back to their regular routines. I do admire everyone’s flexibility in this sense. Despite the jarring incident with Marcia, I suppose it’s all part of a day’s work. Isla brings up the act that she can’t stop thinking about Tsukasa, to which her co-workers decide to watch stalk the boy. Plastic Memories Episode 6 (7)What even… the rest of the episode just turns into a stream of filler scenes with Tsukasa and the supporting characters. At one point Isla and Eru follow Tsukasa into the showers… JUST CREEPY. At the end of the day, Sherry drags Eru back to the office while Michiru and Isla have a talk about why she’s perplexed over Tsukasa’s ability to smile despite dire situations. The episode in this sense feels quite scattered because we hop from comedy to serious scenes and back. The pacing is definitely awkward because after all the comedic relief of the Tsukasa stalking, in a conversation between Michiru and Isla, we find out that Tsukasa went to apologize to Souta.

Plastic Memories Episode 6 (13)At the end of the night, Isla heads back to the episode and overhears a conversation between Tsukasa and Kazuki – the fact that Isla has only a thousand hours left, about a month and a bit. To be honest, Tsukasa reacts a bit more heavily to this than I expected. I didn’t think that he had already grown so attached to the girl but he’s resolved to continue his partnership with Isla till the end. Somehow, this makes Isla stupidly happy over the fact and we finally see her genuinely smile at the end of the episode. AWWW

– Cloudy

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