Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 4 Review

AHHHH We are finally back with Uta no Prince-sama today. This series has been backlogged a bit for me in the last few weeks because of how busy I’ve been with assessments but I’m super excited to get back to one of my favourite light-hearted series.

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent(cause I can’t rate it any lower cause it’s UtaPri)

Nanami opens with a bright intro, narrating yet another letter to her grandmother. She’s on set today, watching Natsuki, Syo and Ai act in a film. AHHHH WE GET TO HEAR MORE OF SHOUTA AOI OEHGWIOEGHEO IM DYING FROM THE FANGIRLING!!!

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 4 (12)Nanami ends up on set because she’s writing the theme song to the film. DAYUMM Shining is giving her A LOT of opportunities despite being a newbie. Ai will be singing Nanami’s new song at the climax of the film but it seems a bit difficult for Ai to get into the character since he’s pretty emotionally stunted. He acts perfectly, but he can’t understand the feelings behind the dialogue of the script. Oh how oh how will Nanami get through to this boy.

Side note: I have missed all the dramatic Elements Garden music.

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 4 (7)When Ai collapses in the rain due to exhaustion, Natsuki, Syo and Haruka AWKWARDLY find out that he’s actually an robot/android LOL What is this sudden madness and plot reveal?!?? Well, there is no doubt that all the visual novel fans already know this but well, basically Shining Saotome paid for his ideal idol robot to be created… and it just worked out. Like this. I have some serious follow up questions on Shining’s idea of the “ideal idol.”

It never ceases to amuse me how easily the characters of UtaPri just ADJUST to anything that’s thrown their way. Nanami didn’t seem fazed at all when she found out her cute kitty pet was actually an Arabian prince. In this episode, Natsuki, Syo and Haruka really don’t seem too concerned that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ACTUALLY WORKS OMG.

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 4 (21)While Ai is having some trouble functioning on the rain, I seriously wonder how he can put any sort of emotion into the acting when he feels nothing for it. Though I think Shouta definitely had a lot of fun being the main focus in this episode. It’s rather ironic that one of the youngest seiyuu in the cast is the upperclassman of the other characters (in the show) who happen to be voiced by much older and experienced seiyuu. Overall though it was quite cute to see Natsuki and Syo dote on their senpai.

AHHHH I kind of wanted the series to take a dark turn and delve into Ai’s actual back story because it’s really quite interesting. To be honest I really didn’t see much development in Ai’s understanding. Syo and Natsuki just kept yelling lines of encouragement and support at the boy. Then after some heartwarming dialogue from the heroine, Ai SOMEHOW comes to a revelation about his friends. I’ll admit though, Ai’s new character song fits him REALLY well and it’s hella catchy, which I guess, is the point of this episode anyway.

– Cloudy

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