Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 5 Rant

Seeing how successfully Otoya and Natsuki were successful as a cross-unit group, Shining has moved onto Ren, Syo and Cecil and sent them off to a commercial set to advertise a smart phone. The boys are tasked with developing a project proposal and starring in it themselves. Naturally, Nanami will be writing the music.

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Uta no Prince-sama Episode 5 (27)Shining though, has absolutely no regard for people’s personalities and compatibility sooooo he’s literally grouped the three sassiest people in STARISH. Clearly they’re going to run into problems. Besides “I’m gonna try my best to write the best song for you guys” and “I believe in you,” Nanami has gotten no real dialogue… and it’s been five episodes into the season already. I suppose it’s good for fans who are bigger fans of the boys than the heroine herself. Still, I enjoyed the idea of having more central romance to the development of interpersonal relationships in previous seasons. Too bad for idols who aren’t allowed to date in the industry, Nanami just ends up being sidelined as a supporting character, for the sake of being there because a heroine needs to be present in some way for female audiences to relate to.

When discussions of the song begin, Ren suggests a catchy Latin song full of passion and vigour for the commercial but… the others don’t agree… of course. Syo goes for strength and durability, to have a powerful and action-charged commercial. Cecil naturally goes for the Arabian royalty theme. WHICH IS NOT TECHNOLOGICAL AT ALL OMG WHAT IS WITH THIS ONE DIMENSIONALITY?!??

Uta no Prince-sama Episode 5 (10)

Move aside. We are the ACTUAL Avengers biatch.

Clearly these boys have no conception of “compromise.” Also, what level-headed company would allow rookie idol boys to design an ENTIRE marketing proposal on their own. At least let them attend a meeting with some advisors or some people with DEGREES AND ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Of course Nanami’s too quiet-spoken to actually interject and in the end, Otoya and the rest of the group stumble into the informal meeting. While Otoya’s worried about the boys, Tokiya, already experienced with the working world knows that performers regularly run into disagreements.

OMG I have no idea how Ren and Masato function as friends, Masato has the WEIRDEST advice XD “Meditating under a waterfall will help you relax. And see the way.” LOL OMG BOY YOU ARE LIVING IN THE WRONG CENTURY!!

If anything, it’s the determination to succeed that binds the three boys. It’s too ironic and amusing for me that Quartet Night points out how much the current cross unit is disagreeing and therefore might dissolve. But then again, Camus, Ran and Ai agree in all the wrong ways… and it’s usually coldness directed at poor overly positive Reiji XDDD That was probably my favourite dialogue in the entire show.

At the end of the day, Shining hammers down hard with the pressure and give the boys less than twenty-four hours to develop a song or the commercial will be cancelled entirely. OF COURSE Haruka writes the entire damn song on her home at like three in the morning. Also, she’s sitting out in the garden with her laptop and STILL HAS WIFI. Mad props to you gurl.

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