Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 6 Rant

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This week, Haruka is paired with the sassy and fabulous (but so rude) Camus-senpai as they partner up for a new song to introduce the ALL NEW SHINING TOWER. While Haruka is quite enthusiastic to start a new project, Camus has no inclination to even speak to her. He literally commands her to write a song and then send it over to him despite Haruka’s usual intimate one-on-one style.

Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 6 (12)I feel a little bad for Camus’s fangirls because he has no idea what an arrogant and cold person he is in real life. Well, I suppose if you play the games his great white horse makes him a bit of a knight but still, he calls you peasant most of the time =.=” It’s amazing how Camus can plaster a smile onto his face and act SUUUPER GUNG HO when he has to work. He’s probably the best at being a celebrity out of everyone, well, Ranmaru’s also pretty great. DAYUM Camus is gorgeous when he models.

“When I snap my fingers, bring tea. Twice means coffee.” <- LOLLLLLLLLLLL

Poor Haruka, being ordered around by Camus as the personal assistant. The STARISH boys definitely get a bit worked up over Haruka servicing Camus tea. I don’t know how Haruka can stand Camus and tag around him all day to figure out what kind of person he is so she can write the perfect song. This girl is as dense as a rock with the patience of a saint. Props to Haruka for her perseverance though… and the other members of STARISH definitely help her through it.

In the end though, three magical snaps bring us to the opening night of the tower and we are swept up by the wonderfully magical and unbelievable sequence of events. The insert song is absolutely amazing, packed with a driving melody and grounded by the deep tones in Maeno Tomoaki’s voice. LOVED IT!! Really, there was no character development but the episode ended with a pretty dramatic bang and overall, it’s always entertaining to see Camus interact with his “servants.”

– Cloudy

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