Hibike! Euphonium Episode 6 Review

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Having performed successfully at SunFes, the orchestra prepares for the concert band competition. Naturally, the aim is to get past prefecturals so they can continue to higher leagues. For this particular competition however, Taki-sensei has decided to hold auditions for the band that will participate in the competition, generating quite a bit of competition. In groups of about fifty five members each, the band members will audition with one required piece and one free piece. Hibike! Euphonium Episode 6 (10)Naturally, seniors have the edge over the newbies BUT if they can’t play better than their first years then they REALLY don’t deserve to be in the band. Due to all this competition, those who never improve will never get to be a regular in the band, if not… well, Taki-sensei clearly believes in natural selection here.

When Kumiko hears the piece, she realizes that Taki-sensei is serious when he means to aim for nationals. It’s pretty difficult for newbies to catch up to other students who have been playing their instrument for five plus years. I mean, even sight-reading gives you an edge over others already. It’s pretty amusing for Midori and Kumiko to watch Hazuki’s enthusiasm over her tuba and the club. Seriously, that girl should have picked a smaller instrument LOL But Midori is so encouraging for her friend! I seriously think that chibi is my new favourite character.

Hibike! Euphonium Episode 6 (17)When the girls go around looking for motivation, Asuka gets involved and tries a few schemes of her own. As a result, Kumiko ends up being tricked into a tuba suit LOL Asuka is having way too much fun in the series. Kumiko’s dialogue here is too amusing. Things backfire… of course. But Kumiko means well because she remembers how difficult it is to play when you hit a wall with your improvement. Naturally, you can never sound good playing on your own with the bass ensemble, least of all the tuba, but when you play with everyone else, as Goto-senpai says, you hear yourself help carry the music and the harmonies. The episode ends off on a pretty great note with a three piece arrangement of twinkle twinkle little star between the three girls.

Major props to all the orchestra performers who take their HUGE ASS instruments home. OMG THE KUZUKI AND SHUUICHI MOMENT ATHE TRAIN STATION!! TOO CUTE!!!

As a general sidenote before the last episode and we get a bit of an interesting scene between Kumiko and her old friend, Aoi Saito, whom we were introduced in one of the previous episodes. Aoi seems a bit jealous of Kumiko but opts to wish her good luck at the audition anyway. I wonder if Aoi will end up playing an antagonist role in subsequent episodes…

– Cloudy

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