Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 5-6 Review

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

I gotta say, episode five of Nisekoi was VASTLY entertaining. Well, all the episodes with Marika are amusing to watch but this one was by far my favourite. I liked it even more than the Marika-parrot fiasco we get in the second half of the episode.

Nisekoi Episode 5 (7)Nisekoi returns to its every day school life now that Christmas holidays are over and exam results have been posted. However, for Marika, who devotes all her time and energy into becoming Raku’s perfect bride, she doesn’t seem keen at all on her studies. As a result, she drops to the hundred rankings of the class and beckons her beloved Raku-sama to teach her the academic ways.

Good thing for Raku, as the “girlfriend” she gets to tag along and help with the studying. Good thing too cause Raku’s pretty grateful for her presence. Seriously, Raku needs to get her priorities straight. Damn I have so much respect for Chitoge in this episode. Nisekoi Episode 5 (8)Raku realizes it’s not a matter of Marika not understanding, but her lack of study efforts. Okay, I suppose when Marika tones down her obsession with Raku, she can be quite sweet because her entire present-love hinges from her childhood memories with Raku… but most of the time, she’s insane comic relief LOL and the bane of Chitoge’s frustrations. I am quite surprised the mangaka decided to keep Chitoge in the picture despite the Marika focus in this part of the story.

At the end, despite the all-nighter that everyone pulls, Marika goes into aiming for a forty… and nothing more LOLLL She ends up with a thirty-eight. Well, close enough considering her big fat zero on the last exam.

Nisekoi Episode 5 (25)To be honest, I felt like this episode strung together two completely unrelated set of events only loosely related with Marika’s presence in both. When Marika has to go on a *cough cough* trip, she leaves her parrot with Raku and a whole set of cheesy lines and instructions on how to take care of the parrot. Naturally, at one point, the parrot escapes and flies all over the town, meeting each of the other characters and spouting embarrassing lines. The end game in Marika’s plan is to get Raku to basically yell “MY SWEET HONEY MARIKA I LOVE YOU” so that the parrot will return to him. In this sense, I feel just a bit bad for Raku, being manipulated by Marika here… sigh*

Episode 6 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

All the girls are GEARING UP cause Valentine’s Day is coming up… you know what this means…


While Raku really doesn’t think he’ll get any chocolates (all the while hoping a bit his fake girlfriend will keep up the image and give him some), he ends up wandering around the school all day as chocolates are exchanged all around.

Someone explains the point of Valentine’s Day to Tsugumi and she ends up being tricked into giving Shuu chocolates. Naturally Ruri is Team Onodera and DEFINITELY not revealing the truth to Raku LOLLL leaving Raku to believe that Tsugumi has a thing for Maiko.

Nisekoi Episode 6 (14)Menwhile, Marika is wheeling a fifty foot classically sculpted chocolate statue for Raku. If love can be measured in the size of chocolate, then Marika’s won this day. Still, it’s the thought that counts and Onodera really doesn’t do well when she at first squishes her chocolate by tripping over it. When Raku finds his chocolate statue demolished, he feels immense guilt for running away from someone who made him sweets and ends up EATING THE CHOCOLATE OFF THE GROUND. OMG RAKU WHAT HAS YOUR LIFE COME TO =.=”””

Nisekoi Episode 6 (8)GAH I ship Ruri and Shu sooooooo badly.

Chitoge ends up running into Onodera halfway throughout the day. Onodera tells Chitoge her entire story and Chitoge ends up encouraging Onodera to work at expressing her feelings. OMG Onodera’s parents own a sweets shop, I would hope she has more talent for making chocolate than the average high-schooler. Onodera in turn encourages Chitoge to approach her crush as well. OMG this awkward exchange… I can’t deal with the plot repercussions of this. The irony is killing me.

Props to the girls though. By the end of the day, Chitoge and Onodera both approach Raku. Raku’s also pretty nice about receiving the homemade chocolates… even though she later realizes that she used salt rather than sugar LOLLLL While I am a big Team Chitoge fan, I think Onodera wins for sweetest chocolate exchange in this episode. OMG If Onodera could just confess her feelings, she and Raku would ALREADY BE A THING.

– Cloudy

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