Plastic Memories Episode 7 Review

Best timing Tsukasa. Way to ask a girl out when she’s hanging your underwear to dry. You’re a real mood-maker you know.Plastic Memories Episode 7 (2)

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Plastic Memories Episode 7 (7)It seems like after Tsukasa finds out about Isla’s limited hours as a Giftia, Tsukasa decides to take Isla out on a date. Sometimes I feel like Plastic Memories skips a few days between each episode but I’m really curious to hear how Tsukasa came up with the conclusion that he should go on a date with a Giftia… but all his co-workers seem REALLY encouraging about all this. What exactly ARE the social and moral consequences of having Giftia intermingle with humans? Are humans allowed to marry Giftia? Can they have intimate relations with a Giftia? Do Giftia not have their own existential crises due to their short lifespans? Cause I feel like this is what Isla has been struggling with for the entirety of the series.

To be honest I don’t know what it is that endears Isla to Tsukasa. Sure, Isla is adorable and clumsy and quite lovable but I don’t think the two have had enough heart to heart moments to warrant emotional understanding beyond their work partnership. Again this goes back to my issue about not showing enough interpersonal relationship building between the characters themselves because we’ve been so focused on the Giftia collection process.

Plastic Memories Episode 7 (15)Tsukasa sees Giftia as a human but all Isla wants is to be “useful” to him. Well, I suppose going on a date is useful to him in the long run if personal happiness is a significant factor. Man Giftia must be REALLY advanced if they can understand social conventions such as dates and romance. Speaking from a more general perspective however, it seems like the series really enjoys sliding the audience back and forth from the emotional work life of the Terminal Collection Service and the lighthearted everyday slice of life scenes. We even get a WORK LIFE montage just to illustrate how smoothly things have been going for Tsukasa at the company and what a go-getter he’s become. The problem is that I become too invested in the emotionally heavy aspects of the main plot and I become really uninterested in the romantic comedy side plot breaks in-between the big plot points. In this sense, the transitions from one atmosphere to the next could be done smoother.

Plastic Memories Episode 7 (11)I do enjoy seeing Michiru side-tracked for more Isla and Tsukasa time. Naturally she overreacts with nonchalance when she finds out Tsukasa and Isla have a date planned. Isla of course is completely calm and unfazed by this date prospect. Poor Zack who has to listen to all this LOL (well… this might be good intel for Tsukasa though hahahaha). Despite Michiru’s apprehension for this date, she’s surprisingly enthusiastic about helping Isla. I wonder how Michiru ACTUALLY feels about Tsukasa. Sometimes her tsundere side hints romantic feelings, but her support for Isla suggests otherwise.

YES we finally get to see Isla in clothes ASIDE from her work uniform. Seriously, that loli needs some frilly dresses like NOW. Isla does however decide on the amusement park as the designated date activity. I agree with the girls, Tsukasa should have really taken more control of the date to spoil Isla. It feels as if Isla wants to relive her amusement park experience because she’s feeling nostalgic about her days with Kazuki.

Plastic Memories Episode 7 (21)The amusement park montage really caught me in the feels. THE SOUNDTRACK IS GOING TO KILL ME WHEN THIS SERIES REACHES ITS EMOTIONAL CLIMAX. But the happy times at the amusement park come to an abrupt end when Tsukasa collapses on the Ferris wheel. Seriously that boy has been pushing himself too hard. Poor Isla, she only has a month left to function as a Giftia and… it’s like the timer is constantly weighing over her shoulders. So many beautiful memories, only about a month left to enjoy them all… she looks so lost. I’m so curious to see how the series is going to try and resolve this. I’m expecting to bawl at the ending and I’ll be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t tug at my heartstrings.

– Cloudy

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