Hibike! Euphonium Episode 7 and 8 Review & Rant

Episode 7 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Since the end of SunFes, rehearsals have been getting more and more frequent and intense for the orchestra. However, as with every club, different people have different commitments and many are more concerned with cram school and college applications than high school club activities. It’s been brought up again, the issue concerning why all the current second years quit the band. Apparently Shuichi feels it affected Aoi because she was in the group caught between both sides. None of the senpais want to speak of it but it’s causing some serious tension behind the scenes of the orchestra.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 7 (16)When Aoi gets called out during rehearsals, Taki-sensei questions her ability to play that part. He urges her to frame her goals and pursue them clearly and while he knows she’s busy preparing for exams, he hopes she can play better. Aoi resolves to quit the band due to the pressure for college entrance applications. Haruka gets pretty worked up over her friend leaving the band but Aoi can’t offer as much commitment as everyone else. The band is definitely different. Aoi still feels guilty for not being able to help with the issue with the second years and Haruka really doesn’t work well under pressure. Thank goodness for the band that she has Asuka who is SO MUCH MORE CLEVER than everyone who’s currently involved in band club drama. She somehow sets Haruka straight and band practice goes on. Taki-sensei is relentless.

Natsuki reveals to the other girls that the orchestra became divided because some upper years wanted to take competitions seriously while others didn’t. As a result, the club fractured with both sides. This year in retrospect, the remaining senpais, including Aoi and Haruka feel that if they had tried harder to keep the other members in the band, the orchestra would be much more skilled. Asuka though, has remained neutral all this time. I’m enjoying how a simple slice of life genre has teased out all these emotions and anxieties. Hearing all this, Kumiko seems to have some flashbacks on some middle school band drama of her own.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 7 (14)I do like the time this episode allotted to supporting characters so we could build up more emotional interpersonal relationships between other members of the band. It’s interesting to compare interactions between senpais and kouhais.

I also find the Shuichi and Kumiko moments vastly entertaining because of their totally dead pan friendship and how utterly comfortable they are with each other. Kumiko’s even more casual with Shuichi than with Hazuki and Midori. BUT OMG My favourite part is still the Shuichi and Hazuki moments. Too cute. Can’t wait for all THAT friendship drama to start complicating the side plot.

Episode 8 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

OMG Midori is the most adorable and perceptive friend. I’m so glad we got Hazuki’s feeling for Shuichi in the open between the friends. The Agata Festival just so happens to be coming out this year and… well, everyone’s pretty amped about going. I wonder if Shuichi likes Kumiko for real but OMG he literally asked her to go with him. This is going to be SO AWKWARD for Kumiko and Hazuki. AHHHHHHH All this drama…

Hibike Euphonium Episode 8 (5)I find Kumiko a rather charming protagonist. She’s not spunky, adorable and dimwitted like Yui from K-On but not confident and spunky like Gou from Free! Or even timid and cutesy like Tamako from Tamago market but she’s got her own kind of attractiveness as a heroine cause she’s deadpan… someone it makes her more realistic.

Somehow it feels like Kumiko is more interested in Kousaka than Shuichi and other boys. I wonder why. Is it just because of the middle school interactions? Or is Kumiko drawn a bit to Kumiko’s artistry and aloofness? I might actually enjoy the story told from Kousaka’s perspective rather than Kumiko’s. She’s beautiful and carefree and quite compelling to watch. Kumiko on the other hand is too blunt and truthful at times when people aren’t ready to handle her words. Well, Kumiko keeps most of her thoughts inside and puts on a good girl face and I find it quite amusing how Kousaka can pick out that part of her personality.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 8 (18)OMG THE HAZUKI AND SHUICHI MOMENTS. HAZUKI JUST RANDOMLY CONFESSES. CAN’T DEAL WITH THAT. TOO CUTE. But Shuichi ends up rejecting her… OH NOOOOOO OMG Why did you even say yes to her to the festival if you didn’t like her romantically. Somehow though Hazuki resolves to set Shuichi up with Kumiko. Wow, seriously, even Hazuki can tell there’s something there.

OMG What is this weird Kousaka and Kumiko moment… Why has Kousaka decided to confide in Kumiko? Does she really think Kumiko understands? Kousaka is definitely a weird person. After hiking up an entire mountain on a Festival Day, they both play their instruments together. Damn. This friendship moment. But OMG all the ships. I can just see the fanart now. While Kousaka gives a pretty vague and artistic speech on her incentives to play the trumpet, I really wish the dialogue would flush out more accurately exactly what Kousaka means and where it’s coming from in regards to her personality.

Hibike Euphonium really tries to say something dreamy about every day music and friendship but it comes off as quite vague and just not emotional enough. Hibike delves quite meticulously into the interactions of everyday life and I suppose not everyone speaks with plot-driving accuracy in everyday scenarios but this IS an anime so we need accurate wording to foreshadow events or hint at themes. Better luck next week for explanations.

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Hibike! Euphonium Episode 7 and 8 Review & Rant

  1. Hatzuki was very very adorable this episode. With her emotions showing when they talked about Suichi. From wearing a skirt for the first time outside her uniform. She put everything on the line this episode.

    I just cant believe Suichi rejected her.

    I guess the airhead/clumsy/happy go lucky chick will never win in love triangles (with the exception of VN adaptions). I guess that cliche will not be broken.

    And just as I feared, Hazuki is now going to play the role of cupid and get them together. Wow…..This anime is now there with White Album 2, True Tears, Kokoro Connect.

    I have never been a fan of the airhead/clumsy/happy go lucky chick (Touko from Glasslip, Manaka from Asukara, etc), but there was something about Hazuki that was just charming.

    I really hope that Suichi’s feelings change from the female MC to Hazuki.

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