Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 7 Thoughts

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AHHHH BEST GIRL APPEARS!!!! Episode seven of Nisekoi introduces us to the spunky and awesome Haru Onodera. It’s her first day of high school and her first time in a co-ed institution.Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 7 (16) Her first day brings tons of surprises, like a group of scary thugs, a mysterious hero *cough* and a foreigner neighbouring classmate who happens to be PAULA. After Haru faints and is brought the hospital by her mysterious prince, she endeavours to find her hero from this morning…

OF COURSE in no time she meets Raku in the hall and falls for him JUST A LITTLE when he offers to help her carry papers to the office. But then again, Haru already knows Raku for his hella intense reputation as a gang BOSS with a gorgeous girlfriend and a whole pack of bishoujos. Haru is adorable though, totally going out there to protect her older sister from Raku’s um… pimping tendencies…? I wonder if Raku knows about his street rep hahaha. Oh goodness it gets so awkward for both the Onoderas and Raku in this moment.

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 7 (22)I LOVE Haru’s reaction to Chitoge hahaha and I love Chitoge’s reaction to Haru. She’s absolutely smitten with her lowerclassman because Haru also agrees with Chitoge’s view that Raku is a loser. OMG Haru is best girl with the BEST reactions. The comedy really amps up in scenes that include her. Seriously. I loved this episode so much!! One by one Haru ends up meeting all the main girls in Raku’s harem. However, Marika REALLY TAKES THE CAKE for scaring the CRAP out of Haru on her first day. Props out to Haru for CALLING OUT Marika on her outgoing actions. Marika though… has no shame.

Haru ends up bumping into Raku into an animal care club and overhears Raku musing out loud about spending time with Kosaki. Haru of course, proceeds to beat up Raku.

That night, the Onodera sisters have a heart to heart in the bath. Kosaki expresses her hope that Haru can be friends with Ichijo well and it’s quite sweet how Kosaki is so observant of Raku’s personality in the few times she gets to interact with him…

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 7 (30)Later, Haru muses over her the “prince” who saved her with a clue she collected that morning… WHICH ENDS UP BEING RAKU’S LOCKET. THE VERY ONE HE WEARS AROUND HIS NECK. THAT’S A HELL OF A HUGE CLUE GIRL and the end of the episode tells us that Raku will indeed find out the truth… in a few days. As a sidenote, I really wish I could have seen a longer scene depicting Tsumugi’s reaction to Paula’s arrival at the high school but I have no doubt Paula will be included in future school scenes and story events.

Great episode overall. Nisekoi is probably my favourite anime series to de-stress to.

– Cloudy

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