Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 20 Review & Rant

“I’m here because I was stubbornly intent on losing nothing.” – Archer

Rating: 4/5 excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

That BRILLIANT moment when Lancer isn’t just quite dead yet and stands back up to SKEWER THE CRAP OUT OF KIREI. CAN I GET A WHOO WHOO!?!??!

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 20 (17)Shinji really needs to die a slow and horrible death. OMG Kamiya Hiroshi I love you but you’re such a sleazy asshole in this show. Even your own servant doesn’t care if you get killed. At least Lancer’s still there to beat him up a bit. OMG I SHIP LANCER AND RIN SO HARD. I kind of really want to see Rin and Lancer make a Master-Servant pact GAHHHH why does he have to die like this?

Props to Shiro for keeping up with Archer so quickly and materilizating weapons at such a speed. Archer is definitely humouring him though with this fight… Despite pushing his magic circuits to the limit, Shiro persists and Archer realizes that every time Shiro comes into contact with him, Shiro masters old skills by communing/clashing with his former past self. Interesitng side detail cause Shiro manages to push Archer back just enough in defense. At the same time, he gets flashbacks of his erm future self? Shiro feels no sympathy for Archer but wavers when he contemplates Archer/his own path.

UGH This Rin and Lancer heart to heart. I SHIP THEM SO HARD OMG…

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 20 (21)Meanwhile, Archer and Shiro’s battle continues to drag on. Shiro persists in fighting him, Archer lectures him and beats him more. Repeat. I suppose it is difficult for Shiro to believe his ideals lead him down the path to depressed cynicism but there’s nothing Archer can do to convince Shiro and nothing Shiro can do to sway Archer. Basically, Shiro-Archer, the hero/protagonist is just a really frigging stubborn. Archer claims that Shiro is a mere copycat of Kiritsugu Emiya who tried to be a hero of justice and failed. Shiro tried to mirror his saviour and parent thinking he could help others but to what extent is that true? And doable? It’s almost tragic how Archer sees absolutely no more value left in Shiro’s ideals, how deep Archer’s been driven into this hopelessness.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 20 (26)Unlimited Blade Works does feel quite awkward for anime-only watchers because it mirrors the visual novel to such an extent that the sequence of events don’t feel fully divided and capped off in individual episodes but more so the events come off as a stream of consciousness.

Sidenote 1: Once again I am STUNNED by how amazing Junichi Suwabe handles the subtleties in Archer’s character and the monologue.

Shiro reminds Archer… and himself of the hell he experienced in that Fuyuki explosion and remembers that Shiro’s admiration of his father, the man who inspired his ideals, was built on an unfulfilled wish of a man whose simple desire in life was to help others. And in this emotionally charged moment, we the audience are also reminded that Avalon was placed into Shiro, a token of Kiritsugu’s wish for his safety and wellbeing. Shiro’s resolve goes wonderfully with his dialogue.

“Even if that life is dripping with hypocrisy, I’ll keep striving to be a hero of justice.” – Shiro

BEST MOMENT EVER WHEN SHIRO STANDS THE F**K UP AND MATERIALIZES WEAPONS THAT CAN ACTUALLY DEFLECT ARCHER’S. A worthy mage indeed, and one stubborn boy who REALLY doesn’t want to be beaten by himself.Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 20 (20)


– Cloudy

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