Owari no Seraph Episode 8 and 9 Review

“The battlefield is the best way to become stronger… that is, if you don’t die.” – Guren Ichinose

Episode 8 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

It’s up to episode eight of Seraph of the End that in retrospect I really wish the writers had sped up the group collection process because now that all our main characters have been assembled, there is so much more to the world of Seraph than meets the eye. This episode shows us Shinoa’s squad heading down to raid a vampire hideout in the city before regrouping with allies in Shinjuku. While it seems quite easy for members with cursed gear to take out lower ranking vampires, nobles are a completely different case.

Seraph of the End Episode 8 (13)Though it completely goes against teamwork and military discipline, I do admire Yuu’s reflexes in battle and his battle prowess because by the time Mitsu has set rules for the squad, Yuu’s already exterminated the low-class vampire. The civilians are saved in no time and the raid wraps up neatly.

However, when the squad advances deeper into the city, they run into a vampire noble. Naturally everyone proceeds more cautiously regarding nobles but the gap in strength seems so great that it looks almost impossible to kill one because vampires can also be armed with high class weapons. By the time we get to the end of the episode however, our characters have learned a valuable lesson in teamwork. Even though Yuu might be strong enough to take out a noble, others in his team can’t hold his own which is why everyone needs to band together and amp up their advantages in formation.

Sidenote 1: AHH I can’t wait to see Mikaela in battle.

I’m quite curious in seeing Shinoa’s true power flourish in battle because she’s from quite a pure line of the military organization which means she’s one of the strongest among the good guys, disregarding Yuu’s “not human” part of course.

Episode 9 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds. Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

This week’s episode shows us just how militarily organized the Demon Army can be. The army makes up for the lack of physical strength with army tactics and specialized weapons but seriously the vampires can just crash a plane full of bombs into a whole squad of hunters and it would be no big deal for them. All-out war breaks out and the Demon Army find themselves in utter chaos.

Seraph of the End Episode 9 (16)The Moon Demon company is definitely a lot more talented and specialized than the regular demon army. Guren’s pretty amazing that way and his personal squad is EVEN MORE BADASS OMG.

Ferid and Mikaela observe the carnage from a distance. Ferid questions if Mikaela is going to drink blood now that they’re out in the city since it’s illegal to feed on the hostages in the underground complex (apparently).

Sidenote 2: WOW they got amazing artists for Mikaela. His expressions are absolutely tinged with bitter malice at Ferid. Mikaela, like Yu both regret not having the power to protect their family but where that power stems from and what they intend to do with it is going to clash.

Seraph of the End Episode 9 (7)As a viewer I highly appreciated the four year flashback to show us more of Mikaela’s back story. If anything, he’s a much more intriguing character than Yu because of his circumstances with the Queen. We see Krul tempting Mikaela to drink blood and become a full-fledged vampire. Those that go too long without blood will utterly lose their willpower and turn into crazy beasts. Since Mikaela refuses to drink human blood, Krul drains a glass of her own blood for him. Even in this desperate moment I’m impressed with Mikaela’s decision to refuse. After he drinks her blood he becomes a subordinate of Krul’s forever unable to leave. As a result in the present Mikaela keeps his own reserves of Krul’s blood for himself. DAMN BOY that’s high class blood. With ten days’ worth of Krul’s blood, Mikaela resolves to find Yu in that time.

Seraph of the End Episode 9 (14)Shinoa offers pills to her subordinates, 1.5 times stronger with one pill, 1.8 times stronger with two pills however you might go into shock with two pills and have your organs utterly explode with three pills. Yu questions if the pills allow her to draw out the cursed gear’s full power but Shinoa replies with a no. Of course, it takes a lot more training and curse-practicing to master your weapon.

When Yuu and Shinoa attempt to save a Corporal from a crash site, they and the rest of their team end up being caught in an explosion that traps them underground.; mitsu, Yoichi and Shihou on the other side. Meanwhile, Mikaela comes face to face with Guren and the episode leaves us on a HUGE CLIFFHANGER cause OMG I’ve wanted to see Guren in animated action for SOOO long AHHHHH Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

– Cloudy

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