Hibike! Euphonium Episode 9 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Tension within the orchestra continues to amp up with auditions looming around the corner. The club hype encourages everyone to practice intently on their own parts as well as in sections. The beginning of episode nine seems to focus more on Sapphire/Midori Kawashima and her concern over the state of Hazuki’s love life. Hibike Euphonium Episode 9 Review (9)Since Midori was so adamant on Hazuki expressing her feelings, she feels responsible for Hazuki’s rejection. Midori really needs to understand that any romantic feelings are strictly between the liker and the likee, friends encouraging or not encouraging have nothing to do with how things turn out. Getting hurt is just a part of life. I’m particularly fond of Hazuki and Midori’s warm friendship, it’s much closer and personal than either of the girls’ friendship with Kumiko. It is ADORABLE when Midori gives her Tuba-kun to Hazuki HAHAHA Midori has wanted that key chain for soooo long. It’s super sweet she gave it to her friend.

The dialogue on the train just DRAGS ON. Getting rejected is not ANYONE’S fault.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 9 Review (21)Seems like everyone is confused over Kumiko and Shuichi… including Kumiko. I REALLY wonder if anything romantic will happen from here to the last episode cause to be honest we really don’t have enough time. All this distance between Kumiko and Shuichi now.

Among the upper years, everyone strengthens their resolve to aim high with orchestra and aim for finals. Even Natsuki-senpai who barely ever practiced is working extra hard. Kumiko herself realizes she feared competing with upper years in the first place even though she has more experience

Hibike Euphonium Episode 9 Review (18)Later, everyone heads into auditions. The pressure is even more intense waiting to be called up… certain auditions are quick, others are drawn out. When it is Kumiko’s turn, Taki-sensei asks Kumiko how long she’s played, whether her tuning is properly adjusted and whether she’s okay sitting where she is. When she’s asked to play a part she hasn’t practiced much, she remembers to give it her all, just as she promised Reina.

A few days later, audition results are announced. Not everyone makes it and the pain of disappointment is real. No matter how hard some people practice, it doesn’t trump the experience of students who have played for so many years. PROPS TO REINA KOUSAKA FOR GETTING HER SOLO Parts despite being a kouhai. Can’t wait for the band practice drama in the next episode.

– Cloudy

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