Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 9 Thoughts

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

This episode is separated into two parts – the pool cleaning part and Kosaki’s cold. I was quite surprised that the pool cleaning part didn’t last longer but we basically had a mini focus on Paula integrating herself into poolside fun time before moving onto the Onoderas.

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 9 (20)While I do think Haru is pretty awesome because she keeps Raku on his toes, she might have to re-evaluate her attitudes towards him. When she ends up catching Kosaki’s cold, Raku orders Haru to bed and even makes her some food. When Raku brings Haru a cold compress during her sleep, she actually becomes touched by his kindness.

I was actually quite surprised that Haru kept Raku’s locket for so long, still doubting the fact that Raku is actually her prince from that fateful first day of school. Well, maybe doubitn ga bit less now because she can actually point out some good qualities of Raku and he isn’t just a total sleaze ball anymore.

Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 9 (15)BUT OMG WHERE ARE THE KOSAKI X RAKU SCENES cause I REALLY wanted more of those. Not like Raku would ever like Haru anyway because he still thinks he likes Kosaki the most…

I find Season two a lot more awkwardly paced than season one. The first season clearly progressed from the “getting to know you” stage to the “starting to recognize romantic feelings” stage. As an extension, season two’s job is to amp up the romantic scenes but other than the Raku x Chitoge moments, I don’t feel like Team Onodera is going that strong. Marika’s jokes get old and besides the three main characters, the supporting female characters only serve as interesting interludes every once in a while with Raku. The manga does feel like it drags on a bit because really how complicated can a childhood promise be? But I suppose the humour of the series and its spunky characters are its saving grace.

– Cloudy

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