Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 22 Rant and Review

“One dream has come to an end…” – Saber

Rating: 4.2/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Shirou, Saber and Rin prepare for battle in this episode, each preparing for the biggest battle yet. We get to see all three characters slow down and really reflect on everything that’s happened in the last twenty-two episodes and it REALLY HAS BEEN a long run.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 22 (20)Rin entered the Grail solely for the purpose of challenging herself to win, not because she desired any wish. Saber, like Shirou, entered the Grail driven by their ideals, because they wanted to change something about the world. In this perspective, the relationship between Shirou and Saber is much more interesting than that of Shirou and Rin’s. In the original route, we see Saber and Shirou constantly conflict on ideals, whether it’s gender roles, fighting styles or life and death. The trade-off in the UBW route is rather than dialogue dominated by Shirou and Saber conflict we get to see much more intriguing moral discourse generated between Archer and Shirou. I suppose there are ups and downs to both routes and at the end of the day it’s really up to the viewer’s personal preference. As a fan I’d love to see the 2006 original route re-mastered and re-released in subsequent seasons just because there are so many great combat moments that the 2006 animation does not do justice.

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 22 (18)The team prepares to destroy the vessel of the Grail before it can be summoned or come to power. Goodness, if it wasn’t for Rin, no one would be able to figure out anything magic-related to the Grail. The trio plans to have Saber fight outside and through the front gates of Ryuudou Temple while Shirou will go up against Gilgamesh. In order to provide Shirou with enough mana to produce and sustain a Reality Marble, Rin implants her Magic Crest into him to share her mana with him. Lots of cute scenes there for Shirou and Rin fans 😉

I actually found episode twenty-two wrapped up really nicely. I particularly enjoyed Saber’s ending dialogue where she expresses her thanks to Shirou. Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 22 (26)While vague, it is implied that in observing Shirou and Archer fight each other/themselves, she has come to terms with her own moral struggle over her ideals, her past decisions and the consequences. AHHH Why doesn’t Saber get more screen time in UBW =.=”

OMG The vessel of the Grail is one ugly mess of a thing… Shinji doesn’t look like he’s doing too well. But Gilgamesh cares not.

I believe there are three more episodes left for a total of thirteen (or twenty-five). Can’t wait to see the epic finale of Fate!!

– Cloudy

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