Plastic Memories Episode 10 Rant and Review

“Nothing makes one happier than being with the one you love.” – Isla

Plastic Memories Episode 10 (37)

Rating: 4.25/5 happy clouds Crop_45 CuriousClouds Transparent

Since Kazuki has dissolved the partnership between Isla and Tsukasa due to their romantic dispositions. Kazuki decides to trade partners with Tsukasa but naturally Tsukasa objects. Tsukasa suspects Kazuki separated him and Isla due to one of Kazuki’s past partnership romance. It turns out that Kazuki separated them for their own good. Cause things are SOOOO awkward. Plus, Isla thinks its better to keep her distance from Tsukasa anyway.

Plastic Memories Episode 10 (8)Office drama circulates quick and everyone warns Tsukasa about Kazuki’s’ aggressive stance when it comes to Isla.

It is quite nostalgic to see Kazuki and Isla partnering up again for retrievals after all their back story issues. On the other hand, it’s so different for Tsukasa who is now partnering up with Constance who is so level-headed and efficient that Tsukasa barely has to do anything. Constance reveals to Tsukasa that Isla was actually the one who suggested a more intimate approach to retrievals rather than the mechanical and efficient styles of other terminal units. Only after the partnership was dissolved did Kazuki press more for this approach.

Isla seems improving somewhat with retrievals. She and Kazuki go retrieve a mafia boss’s security guard. The boss man encourages his subordinate Giftia to enjoy the time she has left with Isla, another Gitia but Isla insists that the old man also join them.

Plastic Memories Episode 10 (28)To be honest, I’m quite surprised that Kazuki is so outright and blunt with Isla, basically baiting her to agree to being with Tsukasa. Even though Isla only has a limited amount of time left, Kazuki wants her to do what makes her happy so her lifespan doesn’t end with painful memories. Isla remembers all the painful memories that ended with Kazuki but she really REALLY wants things to go differently with Tsukasa. MAJOR PROPS TO KAZUKI FOR STEPPING UP IN CHARACTER SIGNIFICANCE THIS EPISODE OMG. And I am SO PROUD of Isla for having the courage to do this. having seen her timid and emotionally awkward with expressing herself, I’m absolutely impressed that she had the guts to GO UP TO Tsukasa IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OFFICE and confess her true feelings to him.

Plastic Memories Episode 10 (36)Isla doesn’t want to be selfish and be with Tsukasa because as the person left behind, he’d just be hurt so much more than her. But she doesn’t want Tsukasa’s memories of her to be cold, distant and sad. OMG UGH ALL THE FEELS. I DEFINITELY TEARED UP. OMG WHEN DO YOU EVER SEE SUCH HEARTFELT AND HONEST CONFESSIONS IN ANIME SERIES. SINCE WHEN IS EVERYONE SO EXPRESSIVE AND OUTRIGHT WITH THEIR EMOTIONS OMG. BEST ENDING TO AN EPISODE EVER. BUT THERE’S LITERALLY ONLY THREE EPISODES LEFT. OMG CAN’T DEAL WITH MY FEELS and I am SO NOT READY to let go of Isla in this series.

– Cloudy

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