DanMachi Episode 8 and 9 Thoughts

Episode 8 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Episode eight wholly focuses on Bell’s transformation from adventurer into hero. I suppose you call it that. But really throughout the entire series it hasn’t felt like Bell’s transformed that much. Being a gung-ho adventurer and training every day doesn’t make for that much of an interesting episode, especially not when the main character hasn’t come into any sort of devastating conflict.

Other adventurers do find out that Bell’s abilities are ranked S and Bell advances to level two in about a month and a half. Seems pretty quick for adventurers in this world apparently… CAUSE EVEN AIS TOOK A WHOLE YEAR. WHAT IS THIS OVERPOWERED HERO-NESS BELL.

When Hestia is overseeing Bell’s recovery, she remarks that this is the “first page” of their story, which means there is SO MUCH more to see in this world and with Bell. Many of you are going to have to look into the light novel for more of Bell’s future adventures since the anime will cut off at episode thirteen.

Episode 9 Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Bell also ends up getting the Argonaut skill, which stems from the desire to be a hero. How cute. And while he attempts to figure out the intricacies of his skill, the gods are attending their tri-monthly meeting to name new levelled-up adventurers. Bell ends up being deemed “Little Rookie” and his levelled up status garners him more than a bit of fame.

I suppose Bell’s story gets a bit repetitive because it’s always preparations, dungeon, spoils of battle and repeat. Now that Bell’s levelled up, he’s endeavouring towards the upper and middle dungeons. Friends encourage Bell to recruit party members or join a party himself. Due to the increased encounter rate in more difficult dungeons, a party would provide more secure defensive and offensive set-up. Which is true.

Bell ends up meeting Welf Crozzo, the very man who created his armour. Welf joins Bell’s party and head into the dungeons with Lili. Bell finds out both his strength, magic and speed has grown. Though Welf has a questionable blacksmith name, Hestia reveals that Welf has the ability to magic magical weapons but disdains them. He hopes to make weapons that can push human potential and strength rather than one that is skilled in itself and thus becomes distant from its owner and creator. Welf creates a new dagger for Bell out of the minotaur horn from his last battle.

BUT ON ANOTHER MORE IMPORTANT NOTE – Bell literally has a skill that lets him do any reckless “heroic” things he wants and gets away with it. The Argonaut skill is handy eh? But at this point Bell could challenge literally anyone or fight any monster and as long as he continues to strive to be a hero, he’ll come out victorious.

Yo seriously. Where is this show going? We saw Aphrodite meddle and observe Bell fighting in episode eight but episode nine has introduced YET ANOTHER CHARACTER, not a smart move towards the end of an anime series but when you’re adapting so much light novel material, exceptions must be made. I’m quite curious to see what will be the final battle to end this season’s DanMachi. Perhaps it’ll be some uber strong monster…

– Cloudy

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