Owari no Seraph Episode 10 Thoughts

Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

The fight for Shinjuku begins in this episode, specialized forces seems scarce when every front line requires extra squad backups. The main point of this episode was to FINALLY reveal Mika and Yuuichirou to each other after all these years. Vampires and humans dive into full out war but before we can watch the physical combat unfold, we’re thrown another flashback of Mika and Yu’s childhood days.

It’s almost surprising how Yu was so oblivious to everything Mika did for the group back when they were captives of the vampires. Somehow Mika gets it in his head that he’ll save Yu, among all the humans, in this carnage. Little does he know that his best friend is actually part of the special unit to eliminate vampires…

Despite Yu’s stubborn attitudes, I’m pretty surprised he can follow orders so well because typical shonen protagonists are just REALLY uncontrollable when it comes to any sort of authority.

It’s quite intriguing to see Guren’s team in battle. Their formation is tightly coordinated and they all work immensely well together. Guren runs off and ends up fighting Mika head on. Mika realizes that the humans don’t intend to fight fair when it comes to vampires. An elaborate trap ALMOST injures Mika but he’s saved by Ferid (that favour should come in handy for the jerk later).

Yu actually doesn’t do much in this episode other than running around to different parts of the fight to offer his help. But the clincher takes place in the battle between Mika and Guren where Mika stabs Guren… and it looks pretty fatal. Just then, Yu arrives and the two lock gazes just as Yu stabs Mika in the heart. SUCH AN INTENSE CLIFFHANGER even though it’s a cliff-hanger I clearly saw coming.

Episode ten seemed quite scattered in its beginnings and stalled A HELL OF A LONG TIME before finally revealing to the two boys that they’ve grown up and ended up on opposite sides of the war. Should be an interesting two episodes in the upcoming week. Yu does NOT look like himself in the previews for next week. Way to twist it up an episode before our finale…Seraph of the End Episode 10 (26)

– Cloudy

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