Hibike! Euphonium Episode 10 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 curious clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Results from the audition jar the entire orchestra, tossing up the priority of seniors for more talented and skilled juniors. Some take it well and come terms with their lack of skill. Others are not so comfortable with the set-up. Yuuko, a lowerclassman calls out Taki-sensei for playing favourites and choosing Reina over Kaori-senpai. The argument blows up during band when Yuuko calls out Reina for stealing Kaori’s part. Reina actually claims, outright that she got the part because she’s actually better than Kaori. DAYUM the drama, you don’t see it explode often in restrained Japanese slice of life dialogue.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 10 (14)After Reina and Kumiko chat after the argument. It seems that at just about the tenth episode mark, two girls start warming up with each other. A small part of me hopes that the series will be given a season two so we might see more of Reina and Kumiko’s friendship develop. The pace of their interactions are actually quite realistic. I mean, considering that Reina is not an entirely social person, it makes sense that she’d only speak with Kumiko once in a while without her friends.

Still, despite the internal conflict, everyone has the finals in mind as rehearsals continue. Taki-sensei becomes quite testy in the midst of these rumours. All this gossip really isn’t good for the band.

Hibike Euphonium Episode 10 (19)Kumiko ends up talking to Asuka since the other members of their section believe Kumiko can convince Asuka to lighten the mood in the club. When asked if Asuka favours Kaori or Reina for the solos, Asuka cleverly deflects but Kumiko presses for her personal opinion. Asuka reveals that she’s quite indifferent to who plays or who doesn’t play. Kumiko’s got a little way to go before she figures out how Asuka functions.

The patient pacing and revealing of slice of life everyday events really require careful audience observation. So much of the dialogue is mundane and even when Kumiko is involved, much of it is cryptic because of how Kumiko is removed from the upperclassmen.

Taki-sensei openly proposes a second audition where the band members get to decide by a count of hands. Reina will be going up against Kaori in front of EVERYONE and while Kaori seems determined, I’m curious as to whether the voting will favour seniority or actual skill.

Episode ten’s cliff-hanger is something that REALLY has me in suspense.

– Cloudy

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