Uta no Prince-sama Revolutions Episode 12 Rant & Review

Rating: 4/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

After much dragging out and many Super Saiyan transformations, Shining Saotome FINALLY allows STARISH to enter into the Triple SS competition to be the opening act. No seriously was there even any doubt that Shining would let them enter? I think not.

I expected Shining to be more apprehensive about having two groups compete against each other. To be honest it is STILL actually a problem with the company on practical terms but no one seems to care because everyone in STARISH + the composer girl + their rival band Quartet Night wants STARISH to perform. Is Shining getting old and succumbing to peer pressure? We will never know.

I LOVE the extra Quartet Night scenes and the sassy dialogue. Now that STARISH has risen in popularity, it seems that Quartet Night is no longer needed. As a result, the four senpai move out of the dorms and get to work with their own choreography and music. EVEN CAMUS SWEATS. AND CAMUS-SAMA DOES NOT SWEAT FOR ANYTHING OMG.

Wish we got more Ringo and Ryuga-sensei meddling though but I suppose they are busy and up to their own devices.

I’m surprised Nanami is so gung-ho to help Quartet Night along with their aggressive competitive new attitude towards STARISH. She’s definitely supporting both because literally two of the hottest groups are singing her songs. While the competition is not good for the company itself, the publicity is and Nanami’s music is doubly featured. I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies were asking her to guest compose songs.

Everyone works really hard (cue the montage) in preparing for the Triple S competition. LOVE the Golden Light song sung between STARISH and Quartet Night. Really I can’t wait to see the voice actors back up on a real stage for another live concert because the third one was SO GOOD OMG. Also can we PLEASE get Morikubo Showtaro back on stage with maracas? That man needs maracas. And more Spanish songs.

One more episode till the series wraps up. I definitely know it’s going to be a happy ending. And STARISH will most likely win… or Triple S will feature BOTH groups because they’re both so good. I kind of prefer the Quartet Night colours to the STARISH ones… but that might be because I love the Camus blue and Ai turquoise so much. The new arrangement for Quartet Night’s song is also much more explosive compared to the first listen.

– Cloudy

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