Seraph of the End Episode 12 Wrap-up + Season One Thoughts

Episode 12 Rating: 4/5 complacent clouds Crop_4 ComplacentCloudst

Owari no Seraph Episode 12 (2)We actually open the episode rather calmly this week, using Shinoa’s perspective to infiltrate the latest laboratories in the military. After the entire battle and Yu’s berserk ordeal, Guren has locked himself up in the lab in research. Shinoa demands answers from him… naturally, Yu’s been involved in human experimentation. In order to survive this fragmented world, humans had to resort to a lot of experimental techniques from stronger combat strategies and… things that push their moral limits in order to maintain order. Ahhh the Shinoa and Yu ship has become justttt a little bit canon.

Mika gets just a little bit yandere over his beloved Yu-chan. It’s just an awkward situation for Mika all around. He hates vampires but also hate humans. All he really loves is his family and lord knows he’s got so little of that left. Interestingly enough, the vampires themselves have their own ways of detoxifying the body of its curses.

Owari no Seraph Episode 12 (7)It’s interesting to see the vampires hold their own councils and meetings. They aren’t just a pack of monsters. They have order as well. Well… if only they could stop seeing humans as simply livestock. Then maybe they could get somewhere with the negotiations for peace and actually co-exist with each other. Even more interesting enough is the fact the vampires know virtually nothing about Mikaela despite his strong lineage and attachment to Krul or perhaps it is because of that attachment to Krul that Mikaela can act so boldly and still keep himself shrouded in mystery with the vampires. He REALLY hate Ferid though… and rightly so because Ferid is an utter scum bag who killed his family.

Yu wakes up after a week of resting in a coma. Unfortunately or fortunately for him, he remembers his encounter with Mika but not the monstrous transformation. Shinoa is the first to see him and teases him a bit, hoping to interview him a little bit but she acts as if nothing’s happened. She gives him a rundown of everything that happened after he “randomly lost consciousness.” Some vampires were killed others escaped.

Owari no Seraph Episode 12 (10)Refreshingly enough, we see Yu rather maturely handle the situation. For now, it is enough that Mika is alive. Shinoa tells Yu that Mika’s been taken by the vampires. AHH the Shinoa and Yu moments I live for… it’s a little bit too cute. Shinoa is so accustomed to being the one who teases others she’s not used to being in flustered situations. But Yu catches EVERYONE off guard when he thanks them at the hospital. It seems like he’s come to a good balance between his past and present regarding his family… at least for now, he’s grateful everyone is alive.

It seems like by the end of the episode, everyone on either side, humans or vampires, are left at a quiet standstill, enjoying their current lives on opposite sides of the battlefield. The series definitely leaves us on a cliff-hanger. I highly recommend power-reading through the manga cause season one of the anime has barely scraped into the bulk of the series. More to come, confirmed for Fall of 2015.

Full Series Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Owari no Seraph Episode 12 (4)Seraph of the End was a really great first season start for the series adaptation. It’s really hard to give comprehensive series insight because we have really barely started. The introduction and induction of Yuuichirou into the Demon Moon Company took up so much of the first half of the season that we barely had time to settle into actual infield combat.

I really hope the series gets a bigger budget. Wit Studio produced Attack on Titan and that had much more fluid animation and Rolling Girls which was sooooo colourful and cinematographically interesting. The demon effects and the vampire fighting movements should be much more intricate than what we’ve gotten thus far. Season one was definitely patient with the pacing so hopefully season two will open more of the plot, explain what the “Seraph of the End” actually means and tease out more political intricacies in the world.

See you all in the Fall for more Owari no Seraph!!

– Cloudy

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