DanMachi Episode 10 and 11 Thoughts

Episode 10 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Episode ten of DanMachi actually brings a bit more excitement than the usual dungeon adventures with Bell. Now that he’s a level two with a few skill tricks in his pocket, he’s journeying into the middle floors of the dungeon with his party. Things seem to go well until

Favourite moment- Lili and Welf mistaking the bunny monsters to be Bell because of similar colouring. TOO CUTE hahaha.

DanMachi Episode 10 (7)It seems that aside from Aphrodite, Hermes is also taking an interest in the Little Rookie adventurer. Hermes is really not like how I expected him to be but then again popular western culture conceptions can really solidify images of mythology. When another guild’s adventurers are caught in a dire situation, they run through Bell’s party in order to divert the monsters to another group of adventurers. Bell, Welf and Lili barely make it out of the battle. The party journeys on to meet even more intense monsters.

Hestia gets word that Bell’s party hasn’t returned by the end of the day. She endeavours to transverse the dungeon herself to find them, even though it’s technically illegal for a god to enter the dungeon. The god, Take, tells Hestia that his adventurers brought a group of monsters onto Bell’s party. The adventurers beg forgiveness and group up with Hestia to find Bell’s party.

DanMachi Episode 10 (21)Meanwhile, Lili suggests that they could journey down to the eighteenth floor, a dungeon safe zone, and group up with higher level adventurers in order to escape. Bell agrees to this plan and they press on. It’s pretty epic to see Bell take on high level monsters on his own. The Argonaut skills hella comes in handy at this point and acts as a very convenient plot cloak over Bell and his friends to safeguard them until help comes.

Episode 11 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Not much happens with episode eleven to be honest. Bell finally makes it to the eighteenth floor to solace. I’m surprised Lili actually passes out halfway there and Bell literally DRAGS them through the dungeon, with one in each arm. Damn. Id’ like to think the Argonaut skill came in handy for that. He and his comrades are found by Aiz in the fields. She takes them into the Loki Familia and basically everyone re-groups on the eighteenth floor when Hestia and her party arrive that night.

I’m not doing a detailed re-cap for episode eleven because it was quite dragged out and unnecessary. I found that DanMachi has a lot of sandbox moments that are pretty irrelevant to the main progression of the plot and its conflict.

Certain times in the story we got hints at a potential twist in the plot but even till now, when there are only two episode left in the series, we have no idea why Aphrodite is taken with Bell. Now, we find out that Hermes, another god, is also quite intrigued with the Little Rookie’s progress. Everyone is content to dole out the adventuring and I have no idea where the plot is going so I really don’t know how the series is going to wrap-up.

– Cloudy

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