Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Ahhh another season of Nisekoi has gone by so quickly and while I found the first season of Nisekoi overall much more compelling than the second season, I’m glad to see the second season end on such a sweet Team Chitoge note.

Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

This episode is divided into two storylines both according to the main couple and plot. In the first part, Chitoge is running to school and in her haste, her loosely tied ribbon flies off into the wind. When she gets to school, she’s an utter wreck because she’s lost all her spunk with her ribbon. When Marika teases Chitoge, Chitoge actually breaks down into tears, leaving Marika quite unsure with what to do with the emotional outbursts. The group endeavours to help Chitoge search for her ribbon but really, it’d be SO difficult to find because it’s so obscure.

Nisekoi Episode 12 (10)Raku seems like the most concerned out of everyone because he REALLY can’t stand to see girls upset. Whether it’s treating her to ramen or buying a fake ribbon to replace the other one, he’s really putting a lot of thought into cheering up Chitoge. Unfortunately, not much can change her current mindset and Chitoge ends up being a depressed and meek little girl for most of the first half of the episode. Even Raku is totally shocked by her sudden personality change. I did find Raku’s masculine perspective quite annoying here though. JUST BECAUSE Chitoge’s gotten meek and teary-eyed, he finds her more feminine and more beautiful. Thanks Japan. Feminism would really like to punch you in the face. Personally I find Chitoge’s forward and aggressive side much more charming than her gloomy cry baby self. Luckily Chitoge can still FLING Raku into the ceiling when they arm wrestle HAHAHA.

Nisekoi Episode 12 (18)When Raku spots her ribbon caught at the top of an electrical tower, she sprints after it. She loses sight of it but chases it near train tracks. When a train speeds by, it rips the ribbon apart. Chitoge is devastated but LUCKILY the ribbon torn to shreds was actually Raku’s fake ribbon. Raku approaches Chitoge and hands her the REAL RIBBON. To which Chitoge glomps him in gratefulness. Wow, Chitoge really isn’t Chitoge without her ribbon.

As the series nears to an end, Chitoge teases us about confessing to Raku. She herself is completely confused about whether she should speak her mine or keep her feelings to herself. She’s really in an awkward situation because she’s already in this fake girlfriend situation with Raku. I am REALLY CURIOUS as to how Raku would react to turning the fake relationship into a real one… In the end though, Chitoge resolves to be patient, spend more time with him and wait. Season two seems to end on an immensely happy and cheerful note and I really wouldn’t mind seeing a Season three of Nisekoi.

OMG Loved Nao Touyama’s voice as Chitoge. She is one of my favourite voice actresses because of how great she brings out Chitoge’s personality.

Season 2 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

As a whole, Season two of Nisekoi picked up quite smoothly from the events in Season one. Since Nisekoi’s romance builds off of slice of life and every and every day comedy, there is a lot of leeway for creative story expression from the mangaka. As a result, we can easily switch between Raku’s one on one interactions with each female protagonist as well as every day school scenes focusing on the main group.Nisekoi Episode 12 (23) Season two did however focus more on Chitoge because of how she realized her feelings for Raku at the end of season one. There was a lot less Kosaki and Marika scenes to which I really think they deserved more screen time, at least with Kosaki mainly. The introduction of Paula and Haru were a fun addition to the character dynamics even though they’re only present in scarce times of the story.

I did however find that season two strayed too far from the actual premise of the storyline which was Raku’s locket. We got ONE mention of the locket and then it was sidelined for everything else. As well, the initial premise involving Raku and Chitoge’s gang backgrounds really isn’t prevalent to the progression of the main story anymore, it was more of a chapter one gimmick to get the characters together. Nisekoi Episode 12 (20)I can say however that I think Raku and Chitoge would work much better in the long run than Raku and Kosaki just because Chitoge is violent and sassy enough to handle Raku’s aggressive family and extended family but that seems a FAR WAY OFF from where season two leaves off. There is also SO MUCH additional manga material and even a few other female characters who haven’t been introduced yet so Nisekoi holds a lot of potential for subsequent seasons, especially with such engaging and exciting animation from Studio SHAFT.

But anyway I hope you guys enjoyed these weekly recaps and blog posts about Nisekoi. Raku, Chitoge and the rest of the gang really brighten my day whenever a new episode is released. I’m sorry to see the series end but luckily we can switch over to the manga for more of our favourite characters ^^

Thank you all so much for following Nisekoi with me this season and I will talk to you guys in my next blog post very soon!!

– Cloudy

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One thought on “Nisekoi Season 2 Episode 12 Review

  1. the whole season took a turn and it feels kinda pointless. Because there is nothing much to expect anymore, unlike the first season.

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