DanMachi Episode 12 and 13 Final Recap & Thoughts

Episode 12 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

I’m a little bit tired of DanMachi at this point. It’s been a long season with this show and reviewing it weekly has given me a lot of false hope in random plot points that don’t accumulate to anything substantial in the end. I’m quite surprised there are no immediate repercussions to two gods sneaking so deep into the dungeon of Orario because dialogue visibly made it a point to tell the audience that deities are really not allowed.

Hermes pulls Bell aside to peep on girls. OMG WHAT EVEN HERMES. Poor Bell, having to take all his romance advice from perverts and creeps.

DanMachi Episode 12 (10)Then Bell bumps into Ryu and accompanies her to her former familia’s grave. Her familia was killed in a trap set up by another family way back when in the dungeon. She tells him of her story, how she was blacklisted from the guild after avenging her comrades. If anything, she’s a much more interesting character than Bell because of her tragic back story.

Meanwhile, random other adventurers are getting jealous of Bell for making it down to the middle dungeon levels only in one or two years of fighting.

DanMachi Episode 12 (20)The friends split up into two parties to tackle the dungeon, the stronger ones in the first troop first while the second troop plans to follow afterward. Hestia gets kidnapped by the jealous lackey bandits. OMG Hestia you are a goddess, you have divine powers, why do you have so little self-defence skills. Bell gets challenged to a pretty pointless fight between brutes in order to save Hestia. If he loses however, he loses all his equipment. Nothing in life is a fair fight of course. Bell’s opponent uses Hades Head to blind Bell and gets the crap beat out of him. Hermes someone had some hand in this fight of course. According to him he wants to show Bell a little bit of humanity’s dark side. A HUGE FIGHT breaks out between both guilds. And after a while of flailing Bell finally grasps his bearings to retaliate against his invisible opponent.

Surprisingly, Hestia LITERALLY goes GOD MODE on everyone in the dungeon and breaks up the fight. Her divine power mode and regular mode are SOOO different. Again, are there NO REPERCUSSIONS to Hestia releasing divine power in the dungeon? There are RULES aren’t there?!??

After the battle finishes OUT OF NOWHERE< a giant monster crashes his way into the eighteenth floor…

Episode 13 Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

Everyone is quite shocked to see a floor boss here. Hermes seems to know more about this but his vague words explain nothing. Bell takes his party into the heart of the monster fight and ends up saving the very bandits who beat him in the first place. Too much action, not enough explanations in the meantime but the most important tidbit of course has to do with the blocked escape route which means there is really no choice for the remaining adventurers. Man, all the exciting fights happen without the Loki Familia members around. Goodness if it wasn’t for Ryu and Andromeda, these adventurers would be terribly unorganized. Now it’s numbers and fire power against a huge Level 5 Goliath boss. There is no real way to gauge the monster’s state because there is no real HP or MP bar in this world. However, Bell seems to be one of the most powerful fighters they have. Unfortunately for our adventurers, Level 5 monsters can actually regenerate. Not good.

“Only one who truly risks his life may be called a hero.”

I admire Ryu’s fighting spirit here. With all the random monsters on the side, she and Andromeda endeavour to keep the Goliath at bay while everyone else fights the tiny ones. Ryu is FEARLESS OMG. Her adventurer spirit is really fierce. She had both the skill and determination to take on the Goliath.

DAMNN I would really like to see the Loki Familia fight a dungeon boss. Bell wakes up after a dramatic monologue and walks up to face the monster as the clock begins to toll. Everyone pulls out their big shot spells and incantations for the last battle as the action amps up. The animation is stunning as Bell charges into battle and in an almost Fate-Excalibur-esque way, he wipes out half the monster in one strike revealing the core. Bell dives in for the final blow. DAMNNN the EXP you could get off of that monster. Hestia is SO PROUD of her little Bell.

Upon victory, Hermes reveals that Bell is ACTUALLY ZEUS’S GRANDSON, the last of his familia. Hermes boldly proclaims that the age of heroes is not lost, that historic moment DO happen in the dungeons of Orario. Pretty epic declaration from Hermes there. When the party gets back to the surface, everyone has a huge celebratory party at Mama Mia’s tavern, ending the note on a pretty quest happy-happy ending overall.

Thoughts on the Series

Full Series Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

At first glance you get the feeling that the series progresses as an RPG action-adventure kind of story revolving around Bell’s endeavours in the dungeon and smaller stories about other characters in the world. As the story narrows in throughout the season, you get the sense that this story is almost an epic. All the details about the world, the society, even the dungeon and the monsters are discarded in order to focus on Bell’s personal physical or emotional growth as a “hero.”

Unfortunately, it’s not confirmed the anime aims to parallel an epic until Hermes’s last lines in the finale where he DECLARES that historic moments will be made in Orario which is why I flailed quite a bit during the progression of the series trying to figure out if it’s an RPG or dark fantasy or both or neither. Bell in fact is compared to the mythical Argonauts from Greek mythology. Lord knows that the only semblance of world development lies in the scant and repeatedly mentioned Greek myth references.

I suppose DanMachi is fun for viewers if you can find something intriguing about each character to keep you engaged on a weekly basis but Bell himself, other than portraying all the typical hero characteristics, is not a particularly interesting or complex character. Everyone in DanMachi is too two dimensional and the story has to go SOMWHERE. No one’s really changed. Bell’s encountered so many different people and he himself has stayed pretty true to his naiveté self. Perhaps that is his charm but also it become his greatest short-coming.

Overall though perhaps the light novel is more engaging because unlike the anime, it doesn’t try to make itself out to be such a serious quest-oriented-episodic set-up. The light novel medium also offers a much lighter tone to stories in general which is why DanMachi probably works better in the original telling. For me, I’m just pretty darn glad that DanMachi has finished a pretty resolute note. While I didn’t enjoy the weekly episodes specifically, the ending was worth my patience.

– Cloudy

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