Gangsta Episode 1 Impressions

Gangsta Episode 1 (1)

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Gangsta is a series I picked up last minute because it happened to be the first anime series from the summer season where I could grab a raw download file. I stuck around when I heard Junichi Suwabe and Tsuda Ken’s main voice with the pre-knowledge that the anime was adapted from a very popular manga series by Kohske.

Gangsta PosterThe story follows two characters named Nicolas Brown and Worick Arcangelo who make a duo called Benriya who handle jobs around the city, cleaning up gang members, gangsters, dealing with the rabble rousers in the city of Ergastulum. The mafia are pretty much in charge and perpetually struggling with the police and other troublemakers in their territory. Benriya gets recruited by the authorities to turn in a mafia gang and their story begins when they get a bit too entangled in the complexities of the underworld.

Nicolas and Worick are a quite a pair. Nicolas is a tall dark and rather menacing man who communicates mainly through sign language. While episode one shows him able to somewhat communicate verbally, he’s more of a man of many actions; whether it’s sneaking up on Captain Chad or kick the CRAP out of the police car to make a point. Nicolas is blunt and brief. Worick on the other hand is the more sociable of the pair and usually handles all the negotiations in a job. He seems more playful and easy going than Nicolas but definitely just as lethal.

The boys end up with a bit of a soft spot for Alex, a female prostitute who wanders the current gang’s territory. Nicolas gives her a handkerchief and Worick seems to take an interest in her when she mimics Nicolas’s sign language. Benriya ends up recruiting her as a secretary of sorts to help Nicolas out in the speaking department.

This was definitely a strong episode. The world isn’t difficult to pick up on and the violent nature and uncertain rhythm of the characters’ lifestyles immediately spotlighted. Benriya are a hella kickass team and they definitely work on their own set of morals and I’m curious as to how themes will be teased out during the anime but Gangsta is going to be one of the stronger series this season. Naturally the art style and the story content is not for everyone but if you’re looking for something utterly different from the world of summer sparkly anime, this might be an interesting one to try.

– Cloudy

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