GATE Episode 1 Impressions

GATE 2Rating: 3.5/5 curiously excited clouds Crop_35 CloudsExcited Transparent

Itami Youji, age thirty-three, lives his life prioritizing his otaku hobbies above all else. He goes about his everyday life usually daydreaming about his video games and favourite characters, your average otaku Joe. One day a mysterious gate appears in the heart of Tokyo, heralding an army of mythical creatures and medieval knights set on pillaging the city. His best or worst nightmare literally comes true when the city turns into an RPG fantasy free-for-all. In order to stop his beloved doujinshi festival from being cancelled due to a city emergency, he ends up throwing himself into the heart of the conflict. I’m not at all how easily he adapts to this strange new video game fantasy world.

This is definitely the weirdest mix of modern technology and medieval fantasy elements I’ve ever seen in an anime and many of the warriors from the medieval side seem poorly out of place. Like some cosplay group shoot gone wrong. There is no way the city’s technological defenses can’t push back the traditionally army though. Luckily Tokyo arms itself quickly and almost all civilians are relocated securely away. When the ordeal blows over, Itami ends up being commended for his efforts by the army. Unfortunately, being promoted to second lieutenant doesn’t make up for the fact that the doujinshi event was utterly cancelled. Oh an unlikely hero emerges.

“If you asked me which I’d choose, my job or my hobby, I’d choose my hobby.” – Itami

When Itami returns to the army, he’s practically a star and he actually gets super jealous over his friend for getting to the festival instead of him. Hahaha all heroes have their quirks I suppose. As Itami goes about his every day duties, Japan is heating up with a huge polticial and social debate over the gate. The government announces that it is a necessity to venture beyond the gate into the “Special Region” despite its dangers. The Self-Defense Force is then dispatched for this endeavour. After a mini time skip three months forward, whether Itami wants it or not, his life is about to be shaken up by this strange fantasy adventure.

GATE Episode 1 (16)Episode one of GATE was immensely engaging, to say the least. What happens when real life creatures come to life in this day and age? Not everything is as easily manageable as in video games and movies. Telling the story from a strictly military perspective is actually quite intriguing because the series basically crosses modern time people and society with an actual RPG world filled with monsters. Really interesting start-up. I’m interested in seeing how Itami will stand out as a vital character in this story since he seems quite adept at merely doing his job to support his hobby. I’m quite curious with what P-A Works has up their sleeve this season and the series looks promising.

– Cloudy

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