Rokka no Yuusha Episode 1 Impressions

Rokka no YushaLegend has it that the Saint of the Single Flower banished the Demon God to the outskirts of the west border many hundreds of years ago. When the Demon God and his fiends awaken from the darkness, the Saint of the Single Flower will bless six heroes to fight for humanity. Every few hundred years, six warriors were chosen to battle against the demons and drive the Demon God back to slumber. Now, this isn’t just a legend. In this world, recorded history holds the names of each of the heroes that have fought and died. Now in this period finally, the Braves of the Six Flowers are emerging again…

In one of the central kingdoms, we follow Adlet Mayer, a boy who calls himself the strongest warrior on earth as he crashes into the Holy ceremony before the goddess of fate, claiming to be one of the chosen ones. He ends up being imprisoned for a while by the kingdom of Piena. While he’s in the dungeon, he meets a maid girl who ends up being one of the chosen warriors (a fact of which he finds out much later).

Rating: 3/5 curious clouds Crop_3 CloudsExcited Transparent

To be honest not much happens in the first episode and the timeline in the series drags on quite a bit. Adlet ends up locked in the dungeon for a few weeks, maybe months before the goddess reveals herself through an omen and Adlet is chosen. The Princess Nashetania gallops off into the night with Adlet and they head west to the rendezvous point of the Braves, the entrance to the Land of Howling Demons.

The point of the first episode was really to punctuate the point of the legend – SIX heroes to be exact but the premise already tells us that there will be seven heroes revealed at the meeting point and the twist will spur a new kind of story to these heroes…

I’m quite interested in the series already, the animation is on point and the music is AMAZING because it was composed by Elements Garden.

– Cloudy

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