Charlotte Episode 2 Review

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I didn’t expect the second week of Charlotte to delve into heavy back story but the series is really setting itself up in a much somber tone now that we’ve started integrating Yuu into this new academy for gifted teenagers. Students who have an ability or potentially have an ability are mainly monitored and protected in this new system. Nao briefly mentions to Yuu that not too long ago, those with powers used to be simply kidnapped and bribed into experiments. Scientists only view teenagers with abilities as a means to new discoveries with little or no regard to what happens to those individuals before or after the experiments.

We learn a lot about Nao in this episode regarding her back story and current high school position. Even though she’s student council president, she’s pretty ostracized among her peers due to the imperfections in her abilities. Only being invisible to one target while everyone can see you, leads to unfavourable situations in high school conflict. Nao divides her time between visiting her brother at a rehabilitation centre and working on student council to weed out adolescents who potentially abuse their super powers.

The super powers are pretty unique in their own right. This week, the student council caught the captain of the Archery team using his powers to create see-through photographs of girls simply from his thoughts. He’s basically a walking perverted Polaroid camera. LOL Either the student council gets to these gifted kids first or they are potentially recruited as guinea pigs… scary stuff.

When Nao takes Yuu to a facility where her brother is being rehabilitated, Yuu is first exposed to the dark side of these super powers. Nao’s older brother wanted to be a musician at first since possessed the ability to manipulate the air around him and create different sounds from his guitar. As a result, their mother enrolled them both in a boarding school for their abilities because scientists thought Nao’s brother’s ability could be used to manipulate and jam communications in air waves. While Nao was being manipulated by fake friends every day, her brother was being heavily experimented on. Somehow Nao snuck out of the school and found someone she trusted… fast forward to the present where Nao’s brother is mentally damaged.

The big question remains is, WHO is this person that saved Nao and her brother? What happened to the Nao that escaped and the present day Nao. As well, what will happen to Ayumi when her powers emerge because it is highly likely that if powers are present in one sibling, they will be present in another. There must be hundreds of adolescents in this world who possess powers, either misunderstood, feared or quietly hidden away. Charlotte presents this society in a pretty perilous time in the midst of these uncertain social conceptions. Some people know about these powers, others don’t. Should we experiment on them? Develop them? Supress them? And how does this change the coming of age stories of these individuals? The series raises a lot of curious questions and topics I’m looking forward to in the story.

– Cloudy

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