Sore ga Seiyuu! Episode 1 Impressions

Do you love voice actors? Have you ever wanted a look into the industry? And did you thoroughly enjoy Shirobako from a previous season? If so, Sora ga Seiyuu may be the perfect new series for you this season. Sore ga Seiyuu delves lightly into the anime industry from the perspective of newbie seiyuu and showcases their little hardships, comedic moments and slow but steady growth in the fast-paced industry.

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The main series focuses on three girls. The light purple-haired girl is Futaba Ichinose (voiced by Rie Takahshi) who just scored her first voice acting role as a mascot for a new mecha action show. She really only has one line, one word and one sound to make but it doesn’t stop her from giving her best at her first day of work! When asked why Futaba wants to be a seiyuu, she remarks on how difficult it was to get into any sort of industry. Since the job market is so tough and you’ll have to work anyway, why not work hard in an industry you like and aim for your dream?

Our next character is Ichigo Moesaki (voiced by Yuki Nagaku). Ichigo meets Futaba at the studio during their first recording session. Both are total newbies but unlike Futaba, Ichigo is much more bubble and cutesy, actually putting on a flashy strawberry-themed outfit so she’ll be noticed among the cast on the first day. Both of them end up bonding over how difficult and nerve-wracking the seiyuu life can be.

The third main character is Rin Kohana (voiced by Marika Kouno) who is a middle school student, already fairly accomplished in the industry as a young seiyuu. Never judge a seiyuu’s career based on their age…

Sore Ga Seiyuu Episode 1 (23)

What I enjoyed most about the first episode was seeing the rundown of the entire recording process, from general instructions and greetings to the dry run rehearsal and finally the official recording session. General side seiyuu are occasionally asked to fill in for other characters. The production team really makes use of everyone’s voices to fulfill each and every role. Like many new seiyuu, Futaba and Ichigo are struggling with expressing the proper emotion in every voice and pitch. By the end of the episode you really get a sense of how stressful a newbie seiyuu’s career can be. I’m hoping the series will not only focus on the comedy but also the semantics of the industry to shed some insight for long time anime fans.

– Cloudy

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