Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode 1 Impressions

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Joukamachi no Dandelion takes place in a curious modern world where the royal family is integrated into the everyday Japanese modern life. Enter the royal Sakurada family with its family of nine siblings. The series follows the siblings’ interactions and everyday lives as their father, the King, endeavours to choose his successor. Since the next King is to be chosen by votes of popularity, the children need to be exposed in the public eye as much as possible so their citizens can properly make their decision.

The siblings age from high school sixteen and seventeen to as young as pre-school age. Each and every single sibling’s personality is also vastly different from the next.  What’s interesting about these characters is that each has their own unique superpower ability which is proof of their royal blood. Among the nine, there are three boys and six girls. We have the eldest princess, Aoi who is gentle, well-spoken, kind and gentle, a perfect model daughter and princess. Aoi has perfect memory and is basically incapable of forgetting anything. Next in line are a pair of fraternal twins, Shuu and Kanade. Shuu is the second eldest and possess the power to teleport while Kanade, third eldest has the power to materialize anything she can think of. The funny trade off to Kanade’s power is that whatever she summons is automatically deducted from her bank account hahaha.

Akane is the fourth eldest of the Sakurada children. She has the power to manipulate her own body weight and anything or anybody she touches. The main story is told from her perspective and Akane ends up getting in a lot of trouble in the public eye because she absolutely hates security cameras, wandering eyes and attention. By the end of the first episode, she endeavours to become King so that she can live a quiet life away from the cameras and abolish the Sakurada Family News segment on teleivision. LOL definitely contradictory way of thinking but she’s trying her best.

Fifth in line of the siblings is Haruka Sakurada who is twins with Misaki, the sixth child. Haruka possesses the ability to gauge and assess the probability percentages in any and every situation. Misaki on the other hand possess the ability to clone herself up to seven times. Next is Hikari who possesses an ability called “God Hand” which allows her to manipulate any life force with effects that last for twenty-four hours. The youngest son and second youngest sibling is Teru who has super strength. Youngest and most adorable is Shiori Sakurada who has the ability to communicate telepathically with living and non living objects.

LITERALLY this is a family of superheroes. Each of the gifts are quite unique because not all of them are conventional superpowers. Some are analytical, others are flashier while some seem simply GODLY. I wonder if these powers are hereditary with every generation and whether there’s recurring powers in this family among extended family members. While there are semantics to the world that probably won’t be discussed much, it’s a pretty normal occurrence for this country and society to simply accept the existence of this superhuman family. The sibling relationships are TOO CUTE. Shu and Teru are just adorable. As well, it’s so sweet to see Aoi dote over her younger siblings. Really this is a great series for fans of all genres.

I can’t wait to see what will happen in subsequent episodes.

– Cloudy

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