Rokka no Yusha Episode 2 Review

“Defeat the demon god and save the people…”

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

The second episode focuses more on the characters themselves rather than the general sweep of introductions regarding the world. It’s good to see the story zero in on their characters more and as Adlet and Nashetania journey to their heroes’ meeting spot, they start to learn more about each other. Nashetania herself is quite an interesting character. As the princess from a family who was involved in a civil war, she didn’t grow up in luxury. Before she was chosen as one of the saintly heroes, her father planned to have her assassinated. Now, she’s quite the warrior princess. We see this in the anecdote Nashetania shares with Adlet, where she reveals that she’s determined to find Goldof Auora in order to challenge him to a re-match. She’s certainly an honourable person though she still has very girly and playful moments like teasing Adlet when they banter.

Adlet on the other hand is still a bit of an enigma. He claims to be the strongest man on earth, whether he claims that now or he claimed it before being chosen as a brave hero, is a whole other story. This world is filled with saints, heroes and braves, but there are mysterious deaths attacks and disappearances of heroes all over the place… which means someone must be pulling strings somewhere in this story.

As the pair journey on, they begin to encounter fiends and other monsters that will target them before they can get to the meeting point. To be honest I’m surprised why people in this world aren’t better defended or organized against the fiends but I guess most people dwell in small villages and hamlets in the countryside. People like them don’t have the resources to protect themselves like the capital.

I quite enjoy the animations style in this series. It’s detailed enough to visually show-off the intricacies of Adlet’s unorthodox fighting style and smooth enough to follow the fast-paced projectile based of Nashetania’s powers. After Adlet and Nashetania save a small group of peasants from the fiends, they realize that they can’t save everyone on their journey. I can’t actually read Adlet that well because he ends up riding ahead of Nashetania and leaves her behind. Up near some abandoned ruins, Adlet meets another of the Brave 6, Fremy Speeddraw. Later, Nashetania runs into Goldof Auora who has also been chosen as a Brave 6. He is SO KNIGHTLY and SO IN LOVE with serving Nashetania OMG. Goldof tells Nashetania that the Brave-killer is Fremy…

Rokka no Yusha Episode 2 (19)

OOH HERO DRAMA. Now this gets good cause by the premise we already know that there are seven Braves who will gather at the meeting point, rather than the usual six. I’m just waiting for the story to pick up once all the Braves meet each other and it seems like we won’t have to wait long.

– Cloudy

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