Wakaba-girl Episodes 1-2 Impressions

Wakaba GirlRating: 4/5 happy cloudsCrop_4 Clouds Transparent

I cannot tell you why this series makes me so happy and bubbly. It follows the daily adventures of four girls who have just entered high school. It’s really nothing special and most of the plot is pretty generic. I personally found each character’s personality so charming to observe in the show.

The main character is Wakaba Kohashi – a very polite and elegant ojou-sama who is completely dense. She is so sweet and well-mannered and the only reason why she didn’t get into the posh all girls’ school is because she is just not too smart. It’s almost sad how much she’s been sheltered and how little she knows about the world but we get to experience the story’s mundane slice of life events through her eyes and simple things like buying junk food after school with friends is a dream of hers.

Wakaba Girl Episode 2 (10)There is also Nao Machiba, nicknamed as Shiba-san who is the more stoic and practical member in the group of four. She was more of a tomboy in middle school and has a tendency to use boku rather than watashi. She’s adorable in her speech nuances and gets way too flustered for her own good. Then there’s Mao Kurokawa is a pink-haired outlandish girl who has a really bad habit of referring to herself in the third person. She more or less says whatever comes to her mind without that much of a filter like when she randomly remarks on Shiba-san’s chest side. Finally we have Moeko Tokiya, nicknamed adorably as Moe-chan who is bubbly, girly and innocent addition to the group. She’s the balancing factor among the three quirkier friends who have ridiculous over the top characteristics. Wakaba wants to be as cutesy and gyaru as Moe while Shiba-san wishes she could be girlier like Moe-chan.

Wakaba perfectly embodies that young and outgoing enthusiasm to try everything that’s never been tried and somehow find delight in the smallest everyday things. As we get older we become jaded in different ways but somehow the series makes me want to return to a simpler age when the biggest issue was what flavour of ice cream to buy. The series is not for everyone and some people might find Wakaba a bit over the top and childish with her reactions but I believe that’s what makes Wakaba as an attractive protagonist. Wakaba Girl Episode 2 (21)You can’t help but sympathize a bit with Wakaba’s enthusiasm in that rose lens retrospect perspective of your childhood school days. We follow the girls as they explore different little questions about school and friendship.

I’d highly recommend this series for any sort of slice of life fans. Comedy fans might find the gags to simple-minded. Most of the comedic value of the punchlines lie in Wakaba’s reactions rather than what’s actually happening. Shonen fans should stay away but shojo fans might prefer the comfortably tones of the colouring and animation. The anime adaptation completely stays true to the lighthearted and cheery skipping rhythm of the original four panel koma.

– Cloudy

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