Chaos Dragon Episode 2 and 3 Recap & Review

Episode 2 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Both Kouran and Nil Kamui are reeling at the news of a new Child Contractor who wields the power of the Red Dragon. Both sides begin to regroup after the chaos in the market. Sir Swallow and Meryl reveal themselves to the Nil Kamui and invite Ibuki to join the expedition to seek out the Red Dragon.

Chaos Dragon Episode 2 (6)Sir Swallow happens to be one of the thirty rare knights in Donatio’s total army which comprises three hundred thousand people. I have to say that Swallow has really grown on me because he wields one of the most interesting magical conditions I’ve ever seen in a fantasy world. Any weapon or tool used by Swallow immediately shatters and disintegrates whether it’s something as simple as a cup or something as deadly as a sword. However with weapons, before they disappear under his possession, the weapon’s power is pushed to its max. Handy little curse condition but immensely difficult in regular situations. Luckily for Swallow, Meryl is an immensely good book keeper and helps Swallow balance his finances and fuel his weapons’ stock, quite well.

Chaos Dragon Episode 2 (18)When Nil Kamui retaliates on Kouran, Swallow dives into the heart of the battle while Ibuki rushes to the orphanage to save his friends. Amidst the fighting, they run into one of Kouran’s most powerful generals. Ibuki finds himself in a tight spot again when he’s forced to rely on the Red Dragon’s powers. However, not only does the contract binding moment require a sacrifice, anytime Ibuki draws power from the deity, requires him to sacrifice a soul he’s bonded with. Ibuki is unable to sacrifice another of his friends but his friend Kai ends up being killed in battle anyway. Ibuki is practically unbeatable when he’s using the Red Dragon’s powers.

At the end of the ordeal, Ibuki endeavours to join the Red Dragon expedition, to meet the Red Dragon and return this power. Distancing himself from his loved ones will also be a good thing. Ibuki has generally figured out he probably shouldn’t make any more friends…

Chaos Dragon Episode 2 (25)Sidenote 1: The end card of the episode makes me nervous because it shows a group shot of all the characters, so far, the ones spotlighted in red have been killed which leads me to wonder if all the characters are going to be killed sooner or later…

Sidenote 2: LOVE the opening song!! And I so ship Sir Swallow and Meryl because they are just too cute together.

Episode 3 Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

The pace is picking up by episode three and Chaos Dragon moves as quickly and efficiently as classic adventure epics. The third episode focuses more on the characters themselves to give the audience enough time to settle into their personalities and general interpersonal dynamic. Ibuki remains a bit of an enigma, keeping most of his thoughts to himself. Swallow and Meryl serve as much needed information dumps and comedic relief.

Chaos Dragon Episode 3 (18)Eiha herself is also an intriguing presence as she’s been tasked by Agito to protect Ibuki. Eiha is a “Bound One” which means she was originally a slave. To be bound means to be physically fused with a demon or monster. While she has telepathic control with her beast, she’s physically tied to it by a vine-like-cord in her back making the two inseparable. The Bound Ones seems feared and ridiculed throughout the lands. Eiha is also an interesting character which serves as a bond between Ibuki and his childhood friend Mashiro. Mashiro was the first to show Eiha kindness when Eiha joined the revolutionary army. As a result, Eiha has resolves to protect Ibuki because Mashiro once asked. Eiha also seems immensely understanding of the fact that Mashiro gave up her life for the sake of the Red Dragon’s blessing.

Chaos Dragon Episode 3 (7)Mundane travelling scenes are mostly glossed over. Not only into the show, the expedition arrives at another village already ravaged by the Red Dragon. Chenfa Lou is probably the shadiest character of the bunch. She holds some intimate connection with her ultimate weapon which she carries concealed in her back. She herself is interested in consuming or absorbing some power from the Red Dragon which has her playing along with the niceties of the group. She doesn’t seem to hold any particular sentiments to bond with anyone and remains a sort of antagonist character due to her status as the representative of Kouran. Lou is definitely the most powerful of the current characters but she herself can take on a whole troop of attackers. Her weapon is sentient and possesses some attractive hypnotic quality hen revealed.

Chaos Dragon Episode 3 (25)At the city of Haiga, tensions mount between Kouran and Donatia. The team comes up with a plan to find the informant familiar with the Red Dragon. Luckily for Ibuki, he gets paired up with Lou for the next mission. Fail safe bodyguard if you ask me. Chaos Dragon is moving at an engaging pace. Definitely looking forward to more.

– Cloudy

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