Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 Review

Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds

I was a little bit disappointed with episode three because I expected the plot development to throw us into the heart of the fighting. I didn’t think Adlet would spend ten minutes trying to convince Flamie to join forces with him. As quickly as Flamie can run from Adlet, he manages to catch, disarm and corner her. For some reason, Flamie believes she’s able to kill the Demon God on her own. As well, she’s convinced the other Braves will kill her on sight.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 (6)Back near the ruins, Nashetania and Goldof are fighting fiends. I’m surprised how squirrelly Nashetania becomes in battle. She only needs to get creative with her weaponry and she could take down any fiend or monster. Goldof in battle, seems more like a strike quick and ask questions later person. When he’s fighting for Nashetania, he’s utterly fearless but when it comes to everyday conversations with the princess, he has no idea how to fare. Nashetania is way too intrigued with teasing Adlet and probably finds Goldof boring and Goldof is too good of a knight to even bring up his feelings with Nashetania. He’s intensely protective of her so I’m curious to see more battle scenes of them together.

Adlet travels with Flamie while Nashetania continues to the meeting point with Goldof. Flamie reveals that she really isn’t impressed with this generation’s Braves considering Adlet and Nashetania in the mix. I don’t know about you guys but between their conversations I finally distinguished Saints from Braves. Saints are not necessarily chosen as Braves and Braves don’t have to be Saints but Saints are blessed by some deity in some area of expertise. Saints just happen to have higher chances of being chosen as Braves. Adlet for one is not a saint while Flamie claims to be the Saint of Gunpowder.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 (12)Flamie and Adlet arrive at a fortress where another Brave named Maura has set up an elaborate plan to trap the fiends in the forest and keep them from entering the Land of Howling Demons. Only the Braves can enter the Land of Howling Demons because of the Demon God’s poison that kills all regular humans in a day of exposure. The Braves are immune with their divine blessing. From the premise the audience already knows that there is going to be one extra person who is not an actual Brave. Six people are chosen, seven are going to gather. How is the faker going to get through the Land of Howling Demons? And how are we going to tell which is real and which is fake? Initially I thought Adlet might be the faker but we the audience and Nashetania in episode one watched Adlet receive his Brave blessing and mark so it really just leaves the other characters to suspicion.

Episode three leaves us on a cliff-hanger where Flamie, Nashetania, Goldof and Adlet being to fight. I’m surprised Nashetania has the gumption to attack Flamie when Flamie is supposedly known as the “Brave Killer”… I’m excited to see Goldof fight Adlet though so episode four better make it good.

– Cloudy

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