Wakaba Girl Episode 3 Rant & Review

Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

Now, before I get into the main review of Wakabe Girl’s episode three, I’ve decided to review this slice of life series in a more easy-going pace and attitude than other series. I already get the feeling that Wakaba Girl isn’t going to be a show that delves into any deep themes or character introspection, rather the story is content with scraping the surface of rose-colored (and sometimes too rosy) high school interactions. Wakaba Girl Episode 3 (15)I’ve decided for my weekly Wakaba Girl posts to be general reactions and rants to the comedy or character interactions in the show rather than an actual review because let’s face it, there’s not that much to review in these kinds of series.

I find myself replaying the episode a lot in the background while I surf the internet because the voice actresses have such cutesy and bright tones. Everyone’s voices, especially Wakaba’s, is immensely pleasant to listen to. You can hear more of Ari Ozawa’s amazing work in Rolling Girls as Nozomi or Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun as Chiyo.

Since Wakaba is such a socially clueless girl, the series really doesn’t take anything too seriously. This episode’s plot revolves around a lot of her pre-misconceptions and misunderstandings of many things in pop culture or otaku culture. Wakaba herself wants to be a school girl forever and aspires to be a “gyaru” in life LOLLL (not exactly a viable career for an ojou-sama). Wakaba Girl Episode 3 (13)Through Wakaba’s current interests, we learn more about the other the other characters, whether it’s something as simple as hair accessories or something more complex like video games.

I love the interactions with Moe-chan actually. While Wakaba is completely clueless when it comes to current social culture, Moe represents the innocent character who has a face as sweet as her personality. She seems perfectly adjusted to high school life and is the atypical cute girl. Moe’s girly tendencies leave Mao and Shiba a bit in love since the other girls know they themselves have weird nuances in their personalities. Moe is pretty good fit for Wakaba as friends in this sense. I’m looking forward to more Wakaba x Mao interactions because Mao seems like a more eccentric character versus Shiba who is more sensitive to Wakaba’s upbringing and Moe who is just too nice to poke fun at Wakaba.

– Cloudy

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