Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 3 Review

Rating: 3.5/5 happy clouds Crop_35 Clouds Transparent

The third episode of Himouto! Umaru-chan takes a turn on an interesting plot avenue when Umaru has to deal with Kirie Motoba, the infamous scary girl in class. It starts out with Umaru’s panic over her midterms. Though she’s always slacking off by playing video games, it’s nice to see her actually care a bit over responsible matters. Her worries end up culminating into a nightmare of first person shooter war with midterm material. Naturally, Umaru ends up first in the class again and continues to sparkle her way through the outside world. The rumours that circulate around her are ridiculous.

People start to gossip about Motoba’s weird interest over Umaru. While everyone fears Motoba, the wimpiest of the bunch, Umaru’s best friend Ebina, really isn’t all that intimidated which says a lot for Motoba’s personality. Motoba ends up following Umaru for a few days to figure out where she lives in order to return her student card. When Umaru answers the door in her hamster hoodie, she thinks everything’s gone to hell but Motoba completely mistakes indoor chibi Umaru for Umaru’s younger sister – Komaru. AHAHAH this dual identity character is great. After a while, Umaru begins to realize that Motoba is just a really jumpy and shy person which is why she constantly comes off as cold and menacing in public. Indoor Umaru’s cuteness is practically lethal to Motoba.

Motoba ends up apprenticing herself to Master Komaru and visits the apartment a few times during the week. Umaru later thanks Motoba at school for playing with her younger sister. TOO CUTE OMG but Motoba’s obsession with Umaru is really unhealthy… to the point where she gets jealous of anyone being near the other girl. Only the beloved Princess Umaru exists in Motoba’s world.

I wonder when Taihei is going to figure out how Umaru is friends with Motoba and whether or not Motoba will continue to hang around Umaru and Ebina. The previews show us Umaru moving onto the arcade in the next episode… which should be exciting. Her outdoor image definitely breaks the arcade otaku stereotypes. The series never ceases to amuse me with its antics.

– Cloudy

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