Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! Episode 1 Impressions

Rating: 3/5 happy cloudsCrop_3 Clouds Transparent

WOW I have been waiting for the return of this season for a LONG LONG time and I’m so ecstatic to bring to you my first impressions of Fate Kaleid Liner today. While subsequent seasons, in my humble fan opinion, are incomparable with the straight-forward magic girl chic style of season one, there is a lot more to reveal about the world of Kaleid Liner as well as other characters’ back stories. The opening animation is GORGEOUS and judging from the shots, it seems like our characters are going to run into more issues with the church and the scattered cards.

Episode one in general is quite relaxed, reminding us of the slice of life simplicity of our magic girl’s school days. Since summer vacation is upon us, everyone heads off to the mall with Luvia’s sparkly credit card to shop for swim suits. The middle of the episode is met with a steamy Illya on Kuro kiss scene when Kuro runs out of mana. Apparently Kuro gets a much stronger mana charge from Illya and Miyu than other girls. Oh poor Illya, she’s so embarrassed by all the kisses Kuro requires to re-charge her mana. Illya is just too adorable. A friend catches the girls making out but luckily Miyu somehow explains the weird three way friendship to the poor flustered girl.

The last third of the episode ends with Miyu sleeping over at the Einzbern house with a lot of girl talk, teasing and loli fan service. Even Irisviel’s incessant teasing of Shiro and the girls is adorable. That woman is really hella scary when push comes to shove.

– Cloudy

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