Rokka no Yusha Episode 4 Review

Episode four of Rokka no Yusha officially assembles the Seven Braves of the Six Flowers…

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

It takes quite a bit of Adlet persuading for Nashetania and Goldof to accept Flamie into the group. While Flamie did indeed assassinate a number of Saints throughout the continent, Adlet postulate that someone intent on resurrecting the Demon God would never be chosen as a Brave. Moreover his gut instinct tells him that Flamie must have some alternate motive behind her actions. Flamie herself isn’t going to explain her intentions but Adlet is clever enough to read her.Rokka no Yusha Episode 4 (5) In the end, the unlikely foursome team up and head to the meeting point where Maura Chester, the Saint of Mountains has set up a seal to trap the fiends within an impenetrable fog.

Later, the party is ambushed by fiends and send Adlet ahead to the temple. However, by the time Adlet arrives, the fog has already been unleashed, trapping the Braves inside. Nashetania panics and lashes out in frustration which leads me to wonder just how emotionally developed or underdeveloped Nashetania actually is. While she seems mature enough to hold her own in battle despite the inexperience, she seems more driven by emotion than logical reasoning. Flamie on the other hand is the exact opposite. I’m interested to see how the characters will bond or balance each other out in subsequent episodes.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 4 (11)When the group meets up, Chamot Rosso, the Saint of Swamps, who is rumoured to be immensely powerful. Chamot is actually a child and her weapon seems to be a swamp reed but is rumoured to be the strongest after the Saint of the Single Flower who started the legends. Surprisingly, Maura has a pretty good hold over Chamot’s temperamental behaviour. After the Six arrive, an extra outsider stumbles in – Hans Humpty, another of the Six Braves. Everyone is stunned to realize there are seven crest and seven heroes. According to legend, there are never fewer nor more than six. Ridiculous…. And Hans suggests that there must be a fake. There is a traitor among the Braves and no one can trust anyone. Perhaps there was a glitch in the selection process, or someone meddled with the magic… or the fake Brave doesn’t even know he or she received a fake crest. How curious.

There are so many possibilities to go off of this premise and now the real action can begin since the Braves has assembled. First on the to-do list? Getting out of the fog probably…

– Cloudy

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