Chaos Dragon Episode 4 Recap & Review

Chaos Dragon Episode 4 (6)

Rating: 4/5 curious clouds Crop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Chaos Dragon Episode 4 (8)Ibuki and the others meet the Undead Merchant, Lord Ka Grava , whose lifespan and origins are quite unknown. To the regular eye he just seems like a machine of parts. Ibuki’s goal is to convince Kouran not to attack the neutral city of Haiga and make piece with Donatia as they both pass through. Kouran is motivated to attack because they think Ka Grava is providing resources and arms to the revolutionary army. Donatia will attack once Kouran does. As a result, Ibuki endeavours to persuade the Kouran General Gakusho to hold back. If he cannot persuade her peacefully, both Lou and Ka Grava know Ibuki will have to kill a loved one and use the Red Dragon’s powers to take the city by force. While Lou is working completely for her advantage, Ka Grava seems a bit more reasonable in the letter he gives to Ibuki for Kouran.

Ibuki ends up persuading Gakusho that Ka Grava is not dead and his letter turns out to be a peace treaty. Everything smooths out quite well and I’m quite impressed with Ibuki’s resolve but I was even more touched by how quickly Eiha was willing to give up her life for the Revolutionary Army’s ends. Ibuki’s quick thinking is what prevails and its admirable for him to go to such ends when it could be quicker and more efficient to use the Red Dragon’s power even at the cost of a life. Chaos Dragon Episode 4 (16)It’s quite clever for Ka Grava to let Donatia and Kouran both occupy the city of Haiga, while this is troublesome for Haiga, it is a suitable compromise as it cleverly keeps the peace. Ibuki has at least proven that he is quite capable of negotiation despite his young age.

Ka Grava offers an interesting tidbit for the audience when he monologues that his promise with the Red Dragon was to help the imperial in search of him one day. Curiously enough perhaps the Red Dragon is pulling all the strings behind this war. We’re also teased more about the Revolutionary Army’s first battle against the Red Dragon.

The writers of Chaos Dragon have a careful sensitivity to plot progression and know exactly when to bring up new aspects of the story. The anime itself does a great job of balancing all three perspectives to explain the motivations of each characters or factions. The episodes don’t require more than one sit-through to piece together or digest what’s happened nor do the episode baby the audience throughout the political negotiations.

– Cloudy

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