Charlotte Episode 3 and 4

Episode 3 Rating: 3/5 complacent clouds Crop_3 ComplacentCloudst

Both episode four and five stand still as a case episode focusing on single characters. While episode four offers us quite an eccentric introduction to the last of the main character group. We zero in on the story of Yusa Kurobane, the hottest idol in the entertainment world. She ends up in a bit of a snag with company big shots after accidentally picking up an executive’s shady business phone. Nao, Yuu and Joujirou search out Yusa in order to recruit her into the academy for surveillance and protection.

Charlotte Episode 3 (11)Once they find Yusa, they find out her dual abilities come from her twin sister. Yusa herself possesses the ability to allow spirits to possess her while her twin sister, Misa, already deceased is pyrokinetic. Yusa only thinks she sleepwalks while everyone else has gleamed a sort of personality disorder phenomenon. I have to admit that the student council’s trio of powers work pretty well together in the student recruitment process. The three help Misa scare the entertainment big shots off of Yusa when they return the phone so Yusa can peacefully live on. Misa’s GREAT though. Unlike Yusa who is timid and clueless, Misa is a completely arrogant, hot-headed and brash person. This does bring up an interesting concept though – that your superpower is linked to your spirit or soul.

This was the weirdest character introduction story ever. I didn’t think there would be so much drama around Yusa nor did I think Nao would recruit her onto student council… though I can see why Yusa’s friendly appeal to strangers and Misa’s bad-ass attitude would help with the more uh forceful aspects of recruitment. Misa says her goodbyes to her friends and leaves her friends forever.

Episode 4 Rating: 3.5/5 complacent clouds Crop_35 ComplacentCloudst

Now at first I thought Misa truly passed on after the entire ordeal but she appears again in episode four when Yusa runs into a bit of trouble on student council regarding another recruitment process. Yusa begins by enrolling in the academy and she is naturally well received and immensely popular with her classmates. I feel bad for the poor soul of the homeroom teacher who has to deal with these crazy teenage boys and their idol fandom. Takajou is specifically enthusiastic about Yusa’s enrollment of course.

Charlotte Episode 4 (18)The student council goes after a baseball star pitcher who has been using his powers to create impossible curve balls. Nao challenges him and the rest of the team to a game. If he loses, he’ll promise to never use his powers again. To be honest the baseball game fell a bit short for me. I expected a more spectacular use of abilities but most of the game focused on the actual baseball playing over a spotlight on supernatural powers. Let’s face, all of us wanted to see Takajou continuously slam into random people with his teleportation or Yuu jump from body to body. I wouldn’t even mind if Misa set something on fire mid-way. I don’t understand enough about baseball to tease out the details but our heroes prevail in the end with a cleverly orchestrated superpower plan. Now I’m just curious as to how the series is going to progress. The story was strong for the first two episodes but so far these two subsequent episodes don’t hint at any emotional development between the characters.

I’ve endeavoured to stay positive for new parts of the series though and I’m sure sooner or later Ayumi is going to display supernatural abilities herself. We can only wait.

– Cloudy

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