Wakaba Girl Episode 4 and 5 Rant

Episode 4 Rating: 3/5 happy clouds Crop_3 Clouds Transparent

I don’t expect much from Wakaba Girl except the adorable cuteness of everyday scenes. Episode four delivers just that with its adorable weekend meet-up with the girls. It begins with Moe, Nao and Shiba who have met up at the correct place. Wakaba’s ended up at the opposite side of the park with a HOME PHONE in hand. Wakaba is overjoyed to the point of tears when she realizes the plans to meet up with friends wasn’t a mere dream… too cute.

Wakaba Girl Episode 4 (17)I did feel a bit bad for Moe because despite dressing up pretty and making a point to meet up in the park, the rest of the group votes to visit Moe’s house instead. Everyone turns into a lazy recluse when they’re inside. Moe is the most productive of the batch this weekend and encourages her friends to bake. However when they actually get into the recipe, Moe becomes a most pleasant kitchen fairy and practically does everything required. She does so enjoy the backing process and well, she sparkles so much everyone enjoys watching.

Poor Wakaba, caught in the most awkward situation when she wants to pay her friends for spending the day with her. *FACEPALM TO THE MAX* you adorably clueless girl, please don’t bribe your friends =.=””

Episode 5 Rating: 4/5 happy clouds Crop_4 Clouds Transparent

Wakaba Girl Episode 5 (3)I quite enjoyed the shift of perspectives from Wakaba to Mao in this episode. I didn’t expect Mao to have her own little personal worries. She’s quite taken with a boy on the train but the apple of her eye seems more interested with a rich girl from another girls’ school. As a result, Mao endeavours to imitate Wakaba and learn to create her rich girl persona to approach the guy. The aim of the episode isn’t so much Mao’s love confession than a focus on the comedic and somewhat over the top process of Mao’s rich girl transformation, or lack thereof.

If anything, the episode does well to emphasize two aspects, the untouchability of Wakaba’s rich girl social background and the utter cluelessness that this social background brings to Wakaba’s personality. Wakaba Girl Episode 5 (10)In the end Mao decides to stick with her usual personality. It seems like the grass is always immensely greener on the other side when we see Wakaba imitating Mao the next morning.

I would have liked to see the episode go further perhaps enlist Wakaba’s help in Mao’s rich girl persona. A Mao-ojou-sama-makeover would have been hilarious. Then we’d get to see the inside of Wakaba’s house more and even her entire wardrobe, which has at least fifty dresses. But like in the end, it’s the simple messages from Wakaba episodes that we could all do to remind ourselves – Be yourself and love yourself.Wakaba Girl Episode 5 (17)

– Cloudy

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