Rokka no Yusha Episode 5 Review

Rating: 4/5 immensely curious cloudsCrop_4 CloudsExcited Transparent

Rokka no Yusha is definitely taking the audience into the twists and turns of this seven heroes situation right off the get go. Since the barrier has been activated in the area, neither fiends nor humans are capable of escaping. The only way to lift the fog is for the person who created the barrier to undo the seal or kill the person so that the seal will undo itself. The seven heroes gather around the seal and try to reason out who could possibly be the seventh fake. Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 (14)Heavy suspicion lingers over Flamie due to her reputation as the Brave killer however, Adlet really trusts her. We get to see the unusual group of Braves interact for the entirety of the episode which is dialogue heavy; some are responsible and morally upright, others are assassins or characters with eccentric personalities.

Adlet really suspects Chamot or Hans Humpty the most out of their temperamental personalities, they both possess very interesting powers and skills as well. Chamot is only a fourteen year old but in her introduction, we learn she accidentally killed a man during a test of her strength. Hans Humpty is an immensely experienced assassin who based his techniques off of cats. Maura seems to emerge at the natural leader with the most credit to her background because she works very closely with the management of the saints at the temple. Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 (12)No one has questioned the Princess of Piena nor her first knight. The most intriguing introduction comes from Flamie, who was born half human and half fiend, created as a pawn of the fiends to help revive the demon god. Her very existence breaks the rules that usually apply to fiends and humans; her strength, skills and saint status give her enough power to sneak around anyone. Hans however posits that Flamie is probably not the fake because if she was, she would have killed Adlet any chance she had on their way to the rendezvous point. Adlet, in all his smarts was actually clever enough to walk in front of the Brave killer. Somehow Adlet trusts Flamie the most off of a pure gut feeling.

After Flamie is in the clear, Hans ends up deducing that only Adlet could have activated the seal. Since there is only one opening, no one could have gotten through the temple to the seal in any entrance. Due to the saint of seals’ traps and spells, fiends cannot enter the temple either. Once the doors to the seal open, they never close. As a result, there is only one entrance and one exit. As Adlet was the one closest to the scene of the crime, it makes sense that he was the first one to get into the temple. Hans concludes there could have been no one inside the temple before him. The episode ends just as Adlet begins to panic.

Rokka no Yusha Episode 3 (16)

The original key to the door belongs to Maura.

I have to say, following the dialogue wasn’t difficult, but the mystery the series posed for the characters and the audience was immensely intriguing to watch as the reasoning was teased out. Of course, we skipped Adlet’s long monologue on his recap of the journey and glossed over insignificant parts of other characters’ explanations but I wonder if the story is going to reveal the faker in the seventh episode because it doesn’t seem like the characters are going anywhere with this fog. A lot of people are betting on one of the socially and morally upright ones to be crooked on the inside. Others think it’s Chamot because of how quick she was to torture and kill Flamie. I believe Flamie, Adlet and at least Chamot are innocent. I don’t think Chamot is the perpetrator because if the team went through with killing Flamie and the fog didn’t lift, the group would have lost a capable Brave. I’m most suspicious about Hans and Maura to be honest but there is also a lot of fan suspicion on Nashetania and Goldof because of how “good” they seem off the get go. AHHHH this mystery is killing me!! I need to know what happens next!! I may or may not go to read the light novel for more but I’m enjoying the fluid animation that Passione is providing for the series.

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